R2R 2023/2024 AA Guides, Bug Reports, Issues & Fixes Megathread (WIN)

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    1. This thread is created so all the members of the community can report any problem they found with the latest R2R AA only (legit AA customer should have their own proper channel) releases including plugin issues, potential bugs or broken plugins, except for installation problems for now. Also it's mostly for the witches themselves to see if their releases are working correctly, maybe a potential repack, fix or anything they see fit while also keep releasing them until we get the entire collection.

    2. Always check the THREAD'S UPDATES section to see anything new added to this thread.

    3. I will post a proper guide for installation maybe with some tips in the future but for now you can check this thread : https://audiosex.pro/threads/help-with-acustica-installation.72895/

    4. For General Discussion about R2R AA releases, you can check these thread :

    5. We all value your opinion and experience, and if you have one and maybe want to check about what others think about it : https://audiosex.pro/threads/your-opinion-on-acustica-audio-plugins.72986/

    6. There are threads discussing about the History of AA, plus the legend Henry Olonga. If it's your thing :

    7. So, let's keep the off-topic stuff minimal. Jokes and funny comments are still allowed though. lol.

    8. The GUIDES section below is still under construction and I'm writing them slowly. I'm doing it between breaks and will try to finish it in a few days. Make sure to check the Thread's Update to see what's been added, updated. I figured I had to get ISSUES & FIXES section up and running first. Topic with :excl: on the title are still under construction.

    9. If I made a mistake or anything somewhere in the thread, please let me know, so I can fix it before it causing problems for others.

    Useful Reference For Beginners
    For those that just getting into using AA plugins and trying them out, here are some useful pages to check out, bookmark them for future reference :

    1. Unofficial Master Plugin List : https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList

    2. AA Plugins Guide : https://justpaste.it/AcquaPluginGuide

    3. AA Plugins Recommendation : https://justpaste.it/AcquaRecommendations

    4. Some useful videos that explained sample rate and oversampling : (thanks @Friendelek )

    Samplerates: the higher the better, right?

    Oversample Everything! Reaper FX and FX Chain Oversampling

    1. Can I have legit AA plugins installed together with R2R AA plugins ?
    - NO. R2R NFO :
    Acustica Audio declares they will detect any cracked version by their Aquarius
    and ban (lock) the warez user from the system.
    They actually did in the past.
    2. Can I have non-legit Nebula 4 and R2R AA plugins installed side-by-side ?
    - Yes, but you have to avoid installing the R2R Framework the "Lazy Way" and use the "add to PATH in system environmental variable" way to prevent files conflict. More info in R2R Framework Installation Guide.

    3. I want to try R2R's AA plugins, where do I start ?
    - go to the sister's site and get the "Acustica.Audio.Framework.2023.READ.NFO-R2R"
    - there's a full Installation Guide in it.

    4. Is the rumour about how R2R's AA releases are problematic ?
    - not true
    - there are certain errors and bugs for some that caused by the source itself, and sometimes a simple mistake during the reversing process which totally normal considering the amount of files and the plugins (50+ for now) released in a short time but most of them already detected by community and awaiting fix from R2R. As you can see at the bottom ISSUES & FIX section, only 4-5 of those releases is not fully working apart from the 48kHz workaround for the older non-Hyper plugins which is not the problem for those working at 44.1kHz and 96kHz. R2R never recommended 48kHz but still it's usable with some tricks.
    - 93% of the plugins released working fine as for 12/12/2023. The number is good enough for 50+ plugins.

    Installation Guide :excl:

    Community Tips
    - if the main C:\ drive space is a concern to you, it's always a good idea to keep all the AA plugins in other drive.
    - all AA plugins are working fine with SYMLINK.
    - it's a free tool, check out this site : LINK
    - everything you need to know, tutorial with graphics are all on that page.

    - create a folder, name it "Acustica Audio" place it inside your main VST/VST3 directory.
    - create folders inside of it and name it with every AA plugin you have and put everything that has to do with that particular plugin in it. Example :

    - it's nice and tidy, and if one day you got tired of any of the plugin and don't want it anymore, just delete that plugin folder. Easy.

    **will add more soon. Suggestions are welcomed.

    Understanding R2R AA Releases & Working Sample Rate :excl:

    ** I will try my best to explain this in Layman's Terms, so please understand most of the explanation/analogy used are far from its scientific accuracy and details or the real internal processing that occurs inside the plugins.

    1. All AA plugins are convolution based plugins. It's a different approach of doing hardware gear emulation compared to more typical way of doing it which is the algorithmic method, using purely mathematical calculation and codes to virtually recreate the entire signal flow of a hardware and predict its behavior, response and output.
    - think of it as a Convolution Reverb plugin that needs sets of Impulse Responses (*.wav files) to create the reverb. The plugin act as a "sample player" and play any impulse response file loaded on to it.
    - that's basically how 95% of the AA plugins work, they are basically a sample player with library of impulses captured from original hardware and every time you dial in a setting on the plugin, it will recall the correct Impulse file, deconvolve/translate it and output the settings details stored in it and to the plugin.
    - so in order for that to work, the plugin needs to have a huge set of impulse captures of every single possible combination of the settings on hardware. If a hardware has 5 knobs with 20 possible settings on each knob and can operate in 5 different modes, the possible combination of settings can easily be thousands (you do the math, im not good at it). That should explain the massive size of entire plugins pack. The player, the VST file is the same like every other plugin out there, it's the library that making them big.

    2. What is making the library even bigger is that every single impulse must have all supported sample rate.. to be continued

    3. Is one approach better than the other ?
    - No, they are just different. It's the same as Valhalla VintageVerb (algo) vs Altiverb (Convolution). Both world class reverb plugins and have their pro and cons which is another discussion for another day.

    General Info About Using R2R AA Plugins
    1. All the R2R's AA plugins releases can be divided into two simple categories.
    - HYPER plugin
    - everything else before it

    2. AA plugins with HYPER engine work in all sample rate and there's no problem with anything just use it, oversample it to your heart's content.

    3. The simplest way to know which plugin is using the HYPER technology is all of them have a GUI resize, internal oversampling function, and sometimes additional Hyper function inside the plugin :


    4. Except for MAIZE. It has everything like a typical Hyper plugin, but it's still using old engine for some reason. I don't know for sure, maybe it was the earlier implementation during transition from Core to Hyper engine. MAIZE can be considered as one of the old plugins.

    5. Older plugins don't have any of those and have a limitation of only working correctly in 44.1kHz or 96kHz project sample rate for now. Those are the only available impulses capture available on the library that comes with it, if you don't really understand what it is about please read the previous topic above.

    6. If you are working in a 44.1kHz or 96kHz project sample rate, it shouldn't be a problem. The plugin will work as is. The only problem here is they will not work correctly at the most used 48kHz (and 88kHz) sample rate without the additional Frequency Pack that contains all the impulses needed for it to run at 48kHz and 88kHz. The Frequency Pack only comes with the full commercial release. Apparently the only R2R releases that contains it so far are the freebies such as BLACK, CORAL BAXTER and COFFEE THE PUN. The whole community is still in the dark about this matter so I can't comment much about it because truly, I don't know what's going on.

    7. The lack of the Frequency Pack creates 1 problem and 1 important precaution for user that work in 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 88kHz project sample rate.
    - PROBLEM for 48kHz & 88kHz - the plugins will not work correctly and producing unwanted artifacts.
    - PRECAUTION for 44.1kHz - you cannot externally oversample the plugin or else it will not working correctly and will produce unwanted artifacts.

    8. Please check the list of plugins that work in all sample rate and only in 44.1/96kHz below and the workaround topic if you need it.

    The Plugin Bundle & Modular Approach
    1. Unlike plugins from other developers, every AA plugin will always comes in a bundle consisting 4 to 10 plugins in its family, typically 8 of them in a single bundle.

    **example of the plugin names format for the BROWN bundle

    a) the Channel Strip
    - the main plugin that has everything
    - the plugin name is the bundle name without added abbreviation at the end of its name

    b) standalone components that build the channel strip
    - PRE - all the preamp collection, tons of them
    - EQ - most of the time it's the same one like in the channel strips, but sometimes it offers more EQ types and preamps, not consistent.
    - COMP - ditto

    - technically not zero-latency, just low latency, low enough that it's usable for tracking duty.
    - higher CPU usage, but everything will be baked into the recorded track anyway and they can be removed after so it doesnt really matter.

    2. Being a CPU hungry plugins, it comes in handy when you want to manage the CPU usage by only running what you need at any stage of the production. Standalone components will always offers more from what it does in the channel strip, preamp being the coolest one most of the time.

    3. One bundle contains more than 10 real hardware emulation, sometimes it's close to 50 types of preamp. One compressor plugin sometimes emulated 4 types of epic vintage compressors that have nothing to do with each other. It's real messy and impossible to remember them all. It's normal to visit this page regularly.

    4. All AA plugins are using "the modular approach" for the structure of the plugin. Each plugin is a combination of several components put together and will only work if you turn it ON, even for EQ bands. It means you can select and turn on only what you want to affect the sound. This greatly helps in managing CPU resources but need some time to get used to.

    The Manuals
    1. AA plugin manuals are some of the most over-the-top plugin manual ever in the history of plugin manuals but the importance of reading it cannot be overstated. It's available on AA website and check em out before using the plugin. Here's the link : AA PLUGIN & MANUAL OVERVIEW

    2. If you want them all in one download as for 12/12/2023 :
    - Released by R2R
    - Unreleased
    - if HD space is your concern, someone compressed the original manual and if you're interested you can get it here.

    List of R2R's AA Plugins & Its Sample Rate Compatibility (11/06/2024)
    1. Fire The Pump
    2. Black Bundle - Full Frequency Pack
    3. Space Control
    4. Salt
    5. Magic Flow
    6. Gold 5
    7. Ash Ultra
    8. Ash
    9. Pumpkin Pro
    10. Jet Bundle
    11. Arctic
    12. El Rey 2
    13. Aquamarine 5
    14. Sienna Bundle
    15. Midnight
    16. Sounda
    17. Diamond Lift 4
    18. Diamond Dynamic Saturator
    19. Coffee The Pun - Full Frequency Pack
    20. Coral Baxter - Full Frequency Pack
    21. Lava
    22. Eminence
    23. Voxa
    24. Water 3
    25. Frost
    26. Opal Comp
    27. Scarlet 5
    28. Olive
    29. Mystic
    30. Druma
    31. Tiger
    32. Tiger Ultra
    33. Jam
    34. Sunray
    35. Cardinal
    36. Cherry


    1. Amber 3
    2. Howie Weinberg Mastering Console
    3. Sand 3
    4. Pink 4
    5. Gainstation 1 & 2
    6. Ultramarine
    7. Taupe
    8. Honey 3
    9. Amethyst
    10. El Rey
    11. Blond
    12. Big Ceil
    13. Diamond Transient
    14. Diamond 3
    15. Amethyst 4
    16. Azure 2
    17. Ruby 2
    18. Coral 2
    19. Brown
    20. Camel
    21. Coffee
    22. Cerise
    23. Cobalt 2
    24. Jade 2
    25. Snow
    26. Maize
    27. Ivory
    28. Nickel
    29. Smoke
    30. Tulip
    31. White 3
    32. Green 4
    33. Green Zen
    34. Titanium 3
    35. Titanium Basstard
    36. Ebony
    37. Erin (HYCOMP & HYCOMPST are using Hyper Tech but still not running correctly at 48kHz)
    38. Opal
    39. Lemon
    40. Cola 2
    41. Mint
    42. Emerald 2
    43. Fire Filters
    44. Magenta 5
    45. Aero
    46. Cream 2

    ** the list will be updated regularly.
    ** for 48kHz user, check the "Workaround For 48kHz User" topic below.

    AA Plugins Guide/Test/Info In This Thread

    Workaround For 48kHz User
    Technical Explanation
    1. These plugins that didn't support 48kHz, they come loaded only with source impulse of 44.1kHz and 96kHz in their library by default. If one of them plugin is loaded in a 44.1kHz or 96kHz project the plugin will then recall the matching sample rate impulses according and function as intended. No problem whatsover.

    2. If it's loaded in a 48kHz project, considering there is no source 48kHz impulse, it will use the 44.1kHz included impulse as replacement. The plugin then will internally convert the 44.1kHz to match the project sample rate. This will affect its loading time and the overall CPU usage.

    3. From my observation and tests, I figured that the internal conversion isn't perfect, and the integrity of impulses are highly comprised, resulting the plugin unable to perform as it should. The plugin starts to produce artifact, inaccurate responses and it affects the overall sound processed. Please check the example of artifact topic below for more info.

    1. Running these plugins at 2x Oversampling, will make the plugin internal processing working at 2 times of the current project sample rate, which is 96kHz. Since 96kHz impulses are included, the plugin will just load the 96kHz source impulse and work normally, straight away without any conversion, without producing any artifacts.

    2. This however comes at a price of 2 times CPU resources needed.

    3. Reaper DAW has a cool oversampling function built in, so if you are a Reaper user just right-click on the plugin name in the FX Browser window and select "FX Instance Oversampling" on the menu and the select "Oversample up to 88/96kHz" which is equivalent to 2X OS.


    4. Other DAW users, I don't really know if there's a function like that built-in but you can use the Blue Cat's PatchWork plugin. Just load the desired AA plugin inside the PatchWork, left-click on the plugin name and select "Oversampling" on the menu and then select "2x (96000 Hz)" from it.


    5. DDMF Metaplugin is another plugin that can be used to host the plugin and run it at 2X oversampling.
    a) add DDMF Metaplugin to the FX Insert slot on the track.
    b) right click at the center of the plugin, a menu will pop up, select "Load plugin from file..."

    c) load the AA plugin, then connect the cables as shown on the pic below :

    d) select OS: 2x from the top menu bar :

    Example Of Artifacts For Not Running The Plugin At Correct Sample Rate
    All example are at 48kHz sample rate project. The comparison is between running the plugin with and without oversampling.
    - these artifacts most of the time can be heard on a good monitoring system but hard to detect because one would've thought it's the real "effect".
    - changing from one preamp to another will give massive different without oversampling even at the nominal -18dBFS. It's understandable if you pushed/gain-staged it into non-linearity but at 96kHz the plugins aren't showing that behavior at all.

    1) Non-Linear Frequency Response for the PREAMP even at the optimal -18dbFS / 0VU

    @ 48kHz
    - the plugin is adding a 3dB bell boost at 10kHz for no reason

    @ 48kHz with 2X Oversampling
    - the frequency response is more or less linear as it should

    2. Funky Filtering

    @ 48kHz
    - there's a notch filter centered at around 22kHz

    @ 48kHz with 2X Oversampling
    - the frequency response is more or less linear as it should

    3. EQ Not Behaving Normally.

    +4db boost for 10kHz @ 48kHz
    - I don't even know what that is.

    +4db boost for 10kHz @ 48kHz with 2X Oversampling
    - the EQ curve is nice and smooth, combining with the Anti-Aliasing filter perfectly.

    4. Discussed in this thread :
    a) PINK - http://audiosex.pro/threads/r2r-202...fixes-megathread-win.73054/page-7#post-739736

    b) CAMEL - http://audiosex.pro/threads/r2r-202...fixes-megathread-win.73054/page-8#post-739851


    Known Issues & Fixes (11/06/2024)


    a) selecting compressor mode "24 - Magic Soft" mutes the plugin.

    - Dynamic EQ doesn't process sound correctly, the meter showing GR is happening when the threshold is lowered, but the sound doesn't change, even when dialed to the extreme. Produce no sound when listened in Delta, ie. no processing happening.
    - someone reported the whole Dynamic section not working @ 96kHz project sample rate. Need confirmation from people that work at 96kHz.

    - EMERALD2T & EMERALD2ZL - selecting 440Hz for both Low Mid and High Mid band with Boost/Cut ON will mute the plugin.

    - PINK4PEQT (API Graphic Equalizer)
    a) there's a rippling artifact on the high-end, figured the full version doesn't have it.
    b) refer to this post.

    a) PREAMP selection 043 will result in 6db volume drop @ 44.1kHz only. Not happening @ 48kHz and 96kHz

    - only 20 instances max in a project, adding the 21st will crash the DAW, tested repeatedly in few DAWs.

    - COFFEECOMP + COFFEECOMPZL Output Meter not working.
    - a member reported that it's the plugin bug and was fixed on legit version few weeks ago.

    - oversampling is capped at 4X, selecting 8X will still give 4X oversampling.
    - the plugin will still work normally, no muting whatsover.
    - seems like plugins bug that can only be fixed by AA

    - problem only happens @ 48kHz & 96kHz
    - working fine @ 44.1kHz
    - after new report, suspecting the problem had to do with vector source file for 96kHz or routing.

    - AMETHYST4EQ (standalone EQ module)
    a. turning on PRE will load wrong/weird impulse both on 48kHz and 48kHz 2X OS (96kHz)
    b. hard to hear for newbie and on bad monitoring system. It sounds "reverby" some might thought it sounds better and 3D, [​IMG] . Under the analyzer, it looks like this.

    - AMETHYST4PRE and AMETHYST4PREZL (the standalone Preamp module)
    a. Mic and Line every single one of the pre selection is working.
    b. For "Custom" preamp selection :
    c. 9098c - no sound
    d. 9098e - loading wrong/weird impulse, from the manual this is the same PRE for the EQ. So can assume the share the same vector.
    e. 2500 Mix - no sound
    f. 2500 Bus - no sound
    g. 2500 Mix ST - the only one that working correctly

    - why ?
    - trial version are mostly buggy, reported lack of functions and didn't get latest hotfixes from the dev.
    - some plugins can't work perfectly if loaded into a plugin host such as DDMF Metaplugin.
    - how community can contribute if the problem is supply.
    - need clarification from R2R.

    ** for the issues marked with [NOT CONFIRMED] we all would appreciate it if anyone that have some free time to run a quick test and see if the issue is happening on your end as well and report back.

    1. LEMON NEW!
    - someone shared the preset file for LEMON. It's available on R2R's AA LEMON post at Audioz
    - make sure to rename the files as suggested by the comments below the post.

    2. SIENNA
    - SIENNA ROOM - presets on Volume C is muting the plugin @ 48kHz
    - some user reported that it work correctly @44.1kHz, so can assume the required vector file isn't included (or maybe cant be read) for the plugin.

    - no possible fix so far as it comes from AA
    - best way is to delete the Volume C
    - R2R responded to this matter and in their NFO :
    As we already pointed out, some of the
    plugins have issue. For an example,
    Sienna Volume C was full of the
    * Many N2V cannot be decrypted with
      provided license.
    * Some N2S has wrong vector sub path
      (SIENNA/  instead of SIENNADATA/).
      This issue was fixed by R2R.
    If you think you have problem,
    we recommend you removing
    and stop using Volume C.
    In Acustica, expansions (Product A
    Volume X) tend to have more issue than
    normal product.

    ** everything that got fixed or updated by the witches will be removed from the FIXES section, always install the latest release.


    I hope everyone can get involve in verifying all the issues mentioned above and can share any other issues found while using AA plugins and let's hope we can make everything working perfectly.

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    Near Nyquist
    Thread's Updates :

    - added CREAM 2 to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - added CHERRY to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - it's good to see the witches are back with AA releases. :wink:
    - still lazy to update the main thread even after 6 months. :suicide:
    - added SUNRAY and CARDINAL to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - added AERO to the "Plugin Compatibility List"
    - remove JAM from "Issues" because R2R released FIXED version that solves the previous problem.

    - added temporary fix for JAM preset issue.
    - added fix for LEMON presets.

    - added JAM to the "Plugin Compatibility List"
    - added new issues found on TIGERMIX & JAM.

    - added TIGER & TIGER ULTRA to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - R2R released FIXED version of COLA 2 that fix the previous issue.
    - added FIRE FILTERS, MAGENTA 5, DRUMA & MYSTIC to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - added SCARLET 5, LEMON, COLA 2, OLIVE, EMERALD 2, MINT & OPAL to the "Plugin Compatibility List"
    - added new issues found on FROST & EMERALD 2.
    - added new confirmed issue on COLA2COMP + fix.

    - added WATER 3, FROST, EBONY, ERIN, OPAL COMP, TITANIUM 3 & TITANIUM BASSTARD to the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - added GREEN 4 to the "Plugin Compatibility List"
    - added GREEN 4 bundle not complete to "Issues". Removed from "Issues" as GREEN 4 bundles comes in two, GREEN 4 and GREEN 4 ZEN.

    - removed TULIP from issues and temporarily added it to FIX section, R2R released a FIXED version, replace your previous installation with it.

    -added some issues found with TULIPPRE & PINK4PEQ (pending confirmation) to "Known Issues"

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added WHITE 3 to the list.
    - added Josh Gudwin's MAGIC FLOW guide, a member's test on the CORAL BAXTER. Check out the AA PLUGINS/GUIDE/TEST/INFO topic.

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added TULIP to the list.

    - added FIX for SNOWEQ

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added SMOKE to the list.
    - add links for plugin manuals to the "General Info" topic.

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added VOXA to the list.

    - added more content for "Useful Reference For Beginners" topic.
    - added new topic "AA Plugins Guide/Test/Info In This Thread". It's link to useful stuff shared in this thread.

    - added DIAMOND LIFT 4 issues. Oversampling not working.
    - removed DIAMOND LIFT 4 from ISSUES. Oversampling is exclusive to CLIPPING mode 5 only.
    - added SNOWCOMP volume drop issues
    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added EMINENCE & IVORY to the list.

    - added SAND 3 issues reported.
    - removed CORAL from issues as some people reported, the Presets button does nothing if there's no presets installed. It's normal behavior.
    - removed WIN 7 RELATED issues, no further confirmation, someone confirmed they got everything working in their Win 7 PC.
    - updated AMETHYST issues, figured the problem had to do with 96kHz vector files. Plugin works fine @ 44.1kHz
    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added MAIZE to the list.
    - updated "General Info" topic, added MAIZE to clarify that even though it looks like Hyper Plugin, it's not.

    - updated "Example of Artifact" topic with example discussed in this thread.
    - added DDMF Metaplugin as another suggesting for "Workaround for 48kHz" topic.
    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added LAVA to the list.
    - updated the ISSUES section, SNOW FIXED repack didn't solve the LMF problem. Temporary Fix removed.

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List", added SNOW to the list.
    - added reported LMF band not working on SNOWEQ to the ISSUES
    - removed ASH from ISSUES as no further report received, assume, the plugin just crash randomly.

    - added WIN 7 related ISSUES reported by user

    - removed JET because no problem found.
    - too much problems reported likely rooted back to the TRIAL versions. Added that as a known ISSUE

    - added CORAL 2 issue.
    - added "F.A.Q" topic
    - added GOLD5, GOLD5EQ & GOLD5PRE oversampling issue
    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List"

    - updated the "Plugin Compatibility List"
    - added Fixes for SIENNA (R2R recommendation)
    - "Artifacts Example" topic completed.
    - added STATUS for the reported issues.
    - R2R released a FIXED repack for DIAMOND DYNAMIC SATURATOR. Removed it from ISSUES section.
    - added COFFEECOMP + COFFEECOMPZL Output Meter issue
    - added "Community Tips"

    - "Workaround For 48kHz User" topic completed. Updated "General Info".

    - https://voca.ro/1knFV5nZsCKu
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  4. secretworld

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    Cheers for doing this!

    Confirmed here,

    - selecting presets under the category "Massive" will mute the plugins and it will stay mute until the plugin is removed and added back.

    It is even a little worse here, only the first non massive 5 or 6 presets load last 4 also have this issue.
    I can make a screenshot of a non working massive preset and the set it by hand in a new load of the plugin and that works so I guess it is not an impulse missing problem. BTW exclusively on 44.1k
  5. Riddim Machine

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    Jul 3, 2021
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    Nice move. I always prefered 44.1Khz (call me an old fart, IDK :rofl:) so i'm enjoying the full witch experience. Feeling lucky now, because after some days i finally found some AA plugins that i felt in love that are not the ones i had before. And all of the plugins that i didn't knew and loved had issues on 48Khz. Brown is one of them. Ruby and Azure also. I hope that 48k people start enjoying the delights of AA soon, without weird plugin doctor tests and strange responses.
  6. Starpino23

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    Oct 3, 2022
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    Tbh , didn't want to sacrifice my entire workflow (48KHz based) which includes current projects that i'm still working on for the sake of some "Good" AA plugins, i only kept five that worth keeping and are extremely beneficial to me: El Rey 2, Salt, Ash (not Ultra because of the CPU heavy load), Diamond dynamic saturator and Lift4, the rest i didn't really find a real use for , i have some very good algorithmic channel strip that I'll keep using for now.
    Don't get me wrong, some of AA that i didn't mention here are great such Taupe, Color Eq, Pumpkin Pro and others but as i said , they're just 44.1/96 or just CPU heavy.
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    Excellent thread Stevie Dude, thanks for the systematic and logical guidelines.
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    MFSAKA Ultrasonic

    Oct 24, 2021
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    Workaround for 48/88k is use tags in each related *XML file.

    For 48 kHz
    For 88 kHz

    Back when i use this bloatware i even zip all uncorrelated N2V+N2P files.
    If i use 48K sample rate for example (i zip all 44,88,96 files) to make sure nothing sneaky is happened in background.
    Most of the plugins works well.
    But some of them bugging (AA didn't give a damn about accuracy and attention to details).
    I remember Lime 2 filters don't work without 44k files.
    Lime comp start to show "Autorize me" error.
    That how wack Acustica attitude to their products is.
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  9. Stevie Dude

    Stevie Dude Audiosexual

    Dec 29, 2020
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    Near Nyquist
    I've just tested them, it happens to me at 48kHz too. The "Factory Presets" 5,6 and beyond muting the plugins. Updated the thread.

    will add to the thread soon. thanks.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2023
  10. BambooPestle

    BambooPestle Producer

    Mar 14, 2020
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    Looks like i found something with Process Monitor tool: Try to copy DIAMONDDS directory to directory with name DIAMONDDST (keep both directories in same VST folder) and try switching presets again

  11. typical-love

    typical-love Producer

    May 9, 2020
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    Right, but does this work w the r2r plugs in the current state in which they were provided?
  12. Stevie Dude

    Stevie Dude Audiosexual

    Dec 29, 2020
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    Near Nyquist
    wait, there's a DIAMONDDST folder ? couldn't find it ? where did you get it ?
  13. BambooPestle

    BambooPestle Producer

    Mar 14, 2020
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    Just copied DIAMONDDS directory from R2R release and renamed to DIAMONDDST. So both has same content :)
  14. axelfender

    axelfender Member

    Feb 17, 2012
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    hi great job,
    can you plz sort the plugins by real dll ( vst2), because the vst3 are only wrapped !!
  15. glassybrick

    glassybrick Producer

    Jan 13, 2020
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    Can someone compare cup load of AA plugins with their alternatives.
    For example: waves vs AA, or Slate… something like that. Interesting to compare how much they versatile.
  16. Deuterium

    Deuterium Kapellmeister

    Oct 15, 2021
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    so all the R2R releases are from the trial versions? Amethyst has only got 44 & 96 N2V files
  17. dondada

    dondada Rock Star

    Jan 2, 2015
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    off topic
  18. MFSAKA

    MFSAKA Ultrasonic

    Oct 24, 2021
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    AA trial version is always worse than retailed versions. They don't update them at all or only one critical bug update.
    Using trial from them is always a time bomb.
  19. typical-love

    typical-love Producer

    May 9, 2020
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    I'm pretty sure you're not on target in this thread. Your 48 khz method is for legitimate install. You're correct about the trial versions being worse but (allegedly- to me it still seems unconfirmed that R2R sourced these from trials but I digress) R2R built their releases from the trial versions which is why 48 is not available at all in the non-Hyper tech plugs (again allegedly, r2r seems to claim it's acustica's fault in one of the nfos). The R2R versions will not timebomb.
  20. saccamano

    saccamano Rock Star

    Mar 26, 2023
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    Are there supposed to be presets with all legit ones or trial versions even? Because a great many of the R2R's are sans-presets.
  21. Gyorgy Ligeti

    Gyorgy Ligeti Platinum Record

    Apr 5, 2020
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    The Diamond Dynamic Saturator needs a fix. That's for sure.