Kontakt Cracked Vs Legitmate Explanation

Discussion in 'Kontakt' started by OrganicSpaceRaisedMoonBeef, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Dec 28, 2018
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    I recently update my purchased Hans Zimmer Piano, and it can’t be found by my “unauthorised” kontakt 5. I looked up Spitfire web, they said it could be used with the free “kontakt player”, which I believe is the same but another kontakt platform running different libraries (?)

    So my question is, could I run HZP with the free kontakt player and using my unauthorised kontakt 5 in the same time? Will it be caught?
    Or, is there any other better way of this?
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    Jan 13, 2019
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    Newbie here, hi everybody.
    I'm on Sierra 10.12.6 and I already have Kontakt 5 legit installed (always updated, now 5.8.1) and working properly.
    Just wanted to crack some Orange Tree Sounds Evolution guitar libraries, but installing cracked Kontakt seems very difficult.

    I've searched through the entire forum if I would find an answer to my problem, but none working.

    Done, although it's very difficult in 2019 to find R2R working links.
    First question:

    Do you need to download a crack made by R2R or can you download a cracked Kontakt by any other team?

    Second question:

    You are referring to the com.native-instruments.Kontakt 5.plist inside the archive of the cracked Kontakt, not the one already present in Library>Preferences belonging to the legit Kontakt, right?

    Third question:

    OK, I'm quite geeky but I don't know what rules to assign in batChmod. I tried and failed to find sort of a tutorial in this forum. What do I have to do with batChmod?

    Fourth question:

    What do you mean with "backup the installer rar"?
    At last but not at least, I noticed that you didn't mention to install the k'd Kontakt through the .pkg Installer. Is there something related you have to do in order to perform the whole process correctly?
    Thank you so much in advance