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    Welcome to AudioSEX, you can now proudly call yourself a member!

    We thought it's good idea at this point to introduce you to how this forum operates. But first, let's talk about what you can't do at AudioSEX:
    • Commercial advertising on any of our forums is not allowed. (Does not include self-promoting threads and links to personal websites/SoundCloud pages. Only commercial content is regulated)
    • Linking to Warez is strictly prohibited, however links to free content available at AudioZ are allowed.
    • Rating Spam is considered as abuse of our rating system.
    • Strong language and profanity is allowed only when not directed towards members of our community.
    • Since the summer of 2016 moderators have rights to remove controversial political topics. you can read further about it here.
    • Only one account per user is allowed
    Your very first post is going to be moderated, just to prove you're not a spammer. We will not alter it, unless it's in violation with our rules, promise.

    Search Before Attempting to Make a Post
    Please search the forums before posting, our internal search engine may not always give you the results you're looking for. In that case, use Google like this:
    [search entry]

    Choose Right Categories
    Be sure to post in correct category. It's not always easy to categorize your thread. When unsure, post it to Lounge and moderators will move it, in case it clearly belongs elsewhere.

    We're strongly against censorship, your posts may be edited by moderators to fix formatting, rename thread, or remove violating paragraphs, but even criticism of anything forum related will not be censored, as long as it's in full compliance with rules.

    Solved / Best Answer
    If you posted a question and got an answer, please mark the most best one (obviously) as Best Answer. Your thread will not be closed in the process, don't worry.

    Avatars must be within 150x150px and not larger than 200KB

    UserName Change
    If you wish to change your username, you can ask one of our moderators

    Each and every of your posts can be rated, keep that in mind when posting. More positive ratings gives you benefits - for 250 likes you'll also get a trophy. On the other hand, once your posts receive 5 or more negative ratings it's automatically hidden.
    You can also rate other people's posts. For that, use one out of 12 ratings:

    Love it



    All your ratings (especially negative or neutral) should be meaningful - so when you're asked to provide reasons for such rating, you should have one. Giving out lots of negative ratings for no obvious reason can get you into trouble. You don't have to rate any posts, it's completely voluntary.
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