The Pirate
Dec 20, 2018
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The Pirate

Audiosexual, from NOYMFB

I feel bad about feeling good about that :) Sep 10, 2019

    1. poly
      If this mysterious BIOSTFUPTool is not a joke i would appreciate to see this in action and beat some speakers with it.
      If this is a joke, nice try! ^^
      Go well, stay healthy Pirate(s)
    2. TT Rebel
      TT Rebel
      Hi pirate, Honestly thought this was a joke :-) But I'ts something I'd like to have a look at. So if you can put me in the queue for the biosthutool, that would be great. Thankyou very much.
    3. mottell
      Hey Pirate, can you please hook me up with that BIOSTHUTool? Im a long and faithful member since 2011
    4. Davian Sumer
      Davian Sumer
      Hello Pirate, how can I get the BIOSTHUTool please tell me?
      Hey, just wondering what this BIOSHUTool is. Not sure if you disbled PMs so I've wrote it here, cheers.
    6. hohabro
      hi, i've been lurking here for years (and on the sister site), but have never engaged in the chat as never felt i had anything of real value to offer the community. i (like most everyone else) would like to get access to the tool. hopefully! please send it my way if ok... (i realise i don't meet the prerequisite status, but hopeful none the less..) cheers.
    7. aeropuertas
      hello Pirate, came here to kindly ask for the new tool! I've been a long time audiosex reader but I guess it's time to show some participation. I'd love to test these new VSTS please!
    8. epochfunk
      Hi The Pirate, I'm very interested in trying this tool as well please, thanks for all you and this community do and happy new year
    9. mitchel
      im gonna wait for it... as long as it take . just don't forget about me please Pirate
    10. MolotFx
      Привет! В такую рань и не спишь) Я тут регался недавно (относительно) но на втором сайте больше 5-6 лет точно. Пожалуйста, если не трудно, внеси меня в список счастливчиков. Сливать ничего не собираюсь, опыт хранения внутренних релизов есть ) Заоанее спасибо тебе
    11. audiozuser76
      The Pirate, I would to join the BIOSTHUTool journey.
      Best Regards and Happy Year 2021
    12. Pure Energy
      Pure Energy
      Hello pirate im from AZ can I get the site im trustworthy thanks
    13. Rando
      Can I get the tool Mr Pirate thanx!
    14. zootmusic92
      I'm here since 2016. That would be love to get & check that tool and see pm with details. I belong to a group of the internet users who look at your actions with appreciation and much respect. During xmas holidays I felt like a child waiting for the first star (it was a big wave). I am very grateful for this and I do not understand those who criticize people's voluntary work. Respect for all of you for this.
    15. dkaos81
      Hey The Pirate... I know I will have to wait for this. I was just wondering if this will be available in the future? Will us newbie have this opportunity in the future or is this a once in a life time offer?
    16. Dejanco
      Please send me Nexus3
    17. peezy666
      Can I get the tool. Much appreciate
    18. Pure Energy
      Pure Energy
      i The Pirate
      Very interested in trying this BIOSTFUPTool.
      Please PM me. Would really appreciate it!!
      Thank you!
    19. Mezzo
      Since restrictions have changed I'm a forum member since 2019 I kindly ask to be sent the BIOSTHUT too. Thanks in advance for sharing and thanks for your endless support.
    20. ThorntonQ
      I would love to avail of such an opportunity too. If possible could I please be on the list for the tool. Thank you in advance.
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