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    Hello community,

    Im a new member of the site and im looking for a little guidance. A little about me, im trying to pursue my music production more seriously and therefore im trying to reach out and connect with other like minded individuals to expand my knowledge. That being said, I was wondering if there is a section where we can make or fulfill requests? For instance I have a particular acapella that im looking to work with and i cant find it anywhere.

    I have the original song and an instrumental however they are slightly different in timing (like .03 bpm) making it difficult to use the inverting technique. I was hoping to get some feedback or assistance with isolating the vocals, whether it be by time matching the samples or be it by another method.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.

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    Just to add two alternatives to the above fine selection.. is a popular online service to separate voals/music. I guess it can be quite good because it learns from every process that it completes (AI) and thus improves it's algorithm. Downside: not free (but I think you can try how it works). Some AS members posted remixes/covers with vocals extracted this way.. don't remember which ones, but it was quite good.


    Supposedly the new iZotope RX7 Music Rebalance is capable of some magic:

    Did not try any of these myself.. so if you do it - any feedback appreciated.

    Ps. ..of course RX7's Music Rebalance isn't free either! (far from it) :winker:
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