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May 21, 2011
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Mar 21, 2023 at 7:22 PM
    1. seek77
      hi saint
      long time no see...i just tryed to check out the page and could not belive that it is gone ?
      is there a new website or is it just gone for ever cheers
      1. SAiNT
        Jun 9, 2019
    2. Gnuts
      Hi SAiNT, I'd like to change my name that appears on my posts on the sister site. (its not my "name" from my profile) Can you tell me how I can do that?
    3. nmkeraj
      Hi, How can I go to my thread I started? I can see alerts in INBOX or use the SEARCH. But there should be any tab leading to it in NAVIGATION I think.
      By the way, how long will I be NEWBIE?
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      2. nmkeraj
        Can I change a description NEWBIE a whatever it is? Thanks
        Mar 20, 2019
      3. SAiNT
        no, you need to participate in the forums more and it will change automatically ;)
        Mar 25, 2019
      4. teach me plz
        teach me plz
        No sorry
        Mar 28, 2019
    4. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      Hi SAiNT, all my pasted smileys disappeared a few days ago...
      1. SAiNT
        i have no idea what you're talking about.
        Feb 21, 2019
      2. No Avenger
        No Avenger
        I often insert a smiley which is not from AS and a few days ago they all disappeared and only [img] was there. Did you change something in the script?
        Feb 21, 2019
      3. SAiNT
        the problem is not on our side. most likely the server which hosted those images prohibited hotlinking.
        Feb 22, 2019
        No Avenger likes this.
    5. Dustbin
      Hey SAiNT whats up,

      I tried to make a new account (never been active or signed up before on AudioSex) said 'this email-address is banned by the admin'
      Howcome, i don't get it? I once tried to sign up on AudioZ, couldn't figure out how/where the hell to sign in though. Wanted to say thanks for all those lovely plugins and give a shoutout to R2R and the lot...
      (Made this account with another email address) ???
      1. SAiNT
        i suppose you tried to use hotmail or yahoo - those services are banned because too many spammers use them.
        Jan 4, 2019
        vinhils and Dustbin like this.
      2. Dustbin
        Aha, that explains it!
        tx for the info!
        Jan 4, 2019
      3. P3RRY
        I was genuinely puzzled when I had trouble with my Yahoo account. Now I know why!
        Aug 4, 2022
    6. Christiano82
      Hi SAiNT I want to remove my account on AudioZ Can You do this for me please?
      1. SAiNT
        Dec 25, 2018
    7. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      You deleted the advertising rule. Does this mean AS is now completely open to any ads? This could could greatly expand my Ignore list.
      1. SAiNT
        that rule created many difficulties. we'll see how it goes without it.
        Jul 29, 2018
      2. wasgedn
        i dont see any...
        Nov 10, 2018
    8. coolbeanz
      hey SAiNT. i just made a post about this website that's selling warez. not to advertise them, but to open dialogue about how someone could have the audacity to sell cracked software! no malicious intent at all, but folks are taking it the wrong way. i'm not controversial like that. can u delete the thread please?
    9. jsplash
      hey SAINT
      my browser can`t load images in
      can i help me?
      1. SAiNT
        try to disable adblocking plugins and make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser.
        Oct 6, 2017
      2. jsplash
        i remove adblocking plugins
        javascript enabled in my browser but not yet load images
        Oct 7, 2017
    10. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      "SAiNT i already did. it's in our rules"

      shit, I failed :-(

      I really read the rules but you know, the age, the alcohol, the drugs... ;-)
      1. SAiNT likes this.
      2. SAiNT
        oh, that explains everything ;)))))))))))
        Sep 19, 2017
    11. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      And I have to disagree with earthling. It's not a great forum, it's fantastic! We all owe you (and the whole staff) more than we can ever pay. It is THE forum.
      And I don't say this for nothing it's intended ass kissing ;-)
      1. SAiNT likes this.
      2. SAiNT
        thank you for your kind words, i really appreciate it!
        Sep 19, 2017
    12. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      Hi SAiNT,

      I recently stumbled several times over the misinterpretion of the "nasty" rating (mainly my own misinterpretation). I thought it is meant with a twinkle, but apparently it is only negative. Couldn't you make this clear for the newbies or did I lost sight over something?
      1. SAiNT
        Sep 19, 2017
    13. earthling
      Thanks for the confirmation, great forum, been reading for a while.
      1. SAiNT and mmx like this.
    14. MMJ2017
      thank you for checking out my thread and the kind words, i am grateful this site is here to share with others and learn from others!:D
      1. SAiNT likes this.
    15. beatroot
      Hi SAiNT.Been quite some time since you've been active.Just saying that we miss your input and also 'Thanks for everything on this forum'.As you know I have always been a grateful fan.God bless (you deserve it)and keep the wheels turning.
      1. SAiNT
        Hello and thank you for your warm words. unfortunately that's the sacrifice i have to make to keep all projects running :(
        Apr 29, 2017
        beatroot likes this.
    16. delas73
      Hey SAiNT, what's up?

      Seems you got this a lot recently, but as well as many others I tried to register with audioz and as well as others I have the problem of the missing confirmation mail :( I tried with 3 different email providers (now I have 3 email adresses that I don't need haha) do you have any recommendation?

      1. SAiNT
        i just tried to register myself and it all went fine. any email should work, except following: gmx,, hotmail, outlook, msn, yahoo.
        if you still experience problem registering, you can always send me a PM with a nickname and i will register you manually ;)
        Mar 30, 2017
        mmx likes this.
    17. Parasite-B
      Hi, SAiNT. Firstly, I want to say that I love this forum. Many a time I've not been able to find a solution to a problem until I come here. I hope to be able to help others where I can, as I've been helped. Secondly, is there a way to change my username? I've looked everywhere before messaging, as I know there's much more important things, but I can't find such an option. Thank you in advance!
      1. SAiNT
        Thank you for your kind words, i'm really glad you find this place useful ;) Of course it's possible to change your nickname. I'm sending you PM with details.
        Nov 5, 2016
    18. The Teknomage
      The Teknomage
      Hello Saint.I was thinking after aliens started a what are you working on now thread, that it might good to have a work in process sub forum in our music. This would leave the main our music for finished pieces. The thread's been really chilled and helpful, and as you're the boss I thought I'd run the idea past you to see what you think. The Teknomage.
      1. SAiNT likes this.
    19. dtwo
      Hey Saint, been getting a lot of pop ups recently from whenever I click on a link for the first time from audioz. the second time it goes to I've been using Addblock Plus forever and even added popup blocker pro to no avail. I'm registered and logged in too. Any ideas?

      Also, Thank you for all you do!
      1. SAiNT
        Hello and thank you for your feedback.
        unfortunately that's how popup ads works, but you can eliminate that problem by simply registering at peeplink ;)
        Aug 12, 2016
        KingCantona likes this.
    20. JudoLudo
      Hi SAiNT. I started a conv with you, but I'm writing here too so that I can have more feedback. Here in short:
      I'm working on a Win10 version dedicated to Pro Audio. I was wondering if I could open a thread about this work, searching for s/o who could DL the ISO and help me testing it. Is it possible? Let me know. I'd like to create something nice for all musicians. [read the conv for extended text] TX!!

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