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  1. This book is about the subjects of most popular songs' lyrics in the years between 1950-1990.

    Popular Music Perspectives: Ideas, Themes, and Patterns in Contemporary Lyrics

    If I could find the similar one for the contemporary songs, I'll post it too.
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    Sorry, I had to delete the ,link. You are recently registered here. You should the rules.
    We do not allow links to copyrighted files, not warez.

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  4. That book was antique. I'm sure its author would be so happy that someone reads it and gets acquainted with his thoughts and does not write such lyrics. He seemed very furious about the songs' themes.:rofl:

    Anyway, I'll not post such materials.:like:
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    I'm pretty sure that you could find *somewhere* to post it (*wink*wink*nudge*nudge,) that won't be concerned if it's copyrighted.... :cool:
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    The darkest pit of my mind
    Death, destruction, desolation, poverty, solitude, suicide, homicide. I love cheerful and pleasant subjects like that. :wink: :rofl:
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    Some people even celebrate 911, did you ever try to write a ditty about that ?
  8. Original song by Charlotte Gainsbourg

    I'll burn an effigy out of the past
    Then our clothes catch fire as we dance
    And I wonder how long it would last
    Walking through a room full of broken glass

  9. Most of its chapters have been summed up in this post:
    But if you're still interested in spending your time to cordially loathe youth culture, I'll PM you.
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  11. Unfortunately they have the lowest interest for the young purchasers. You can peddle them to their parents.
  12. I did, but you know that...Sometimes At Night/The World's Insane

    Well, it wasn't a celebration but rather a reflection of my feelings in the aftermath.
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  13. I just kidded ...........:rofl:
  14. Olymoon

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    Please post it at sister site... :winker:
    But even if antique, it's still copyrighted.
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    Planet Earth
  16. @Herr Durr I'm sorry. Let's kiss and make up. It was just for fun and quite irreverent to 9/11.
    Popular scenes change so fast and as you see in the TOC, it's dead as a dodo and not much valid at present juncture. Writing lyrics individually and apart from the major songwriting societies is so frustrating without long-term prospects.:dunno:
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  17. Cover.jpg

    American Pop [4 volumes]: Popular Culture Decade by Decade

    Pop culture is the heart and soul of America, a unifying bridge across time bringing together generations of diverse backgrounds. Whether looking at the bright lights of the Jazz Age in the 1920s, the sexual and the rock-n-roll revolution of the 1960s, or the thriving social networking websites of today, each period in America's cultural history develops its own unique take on the qualities define our lives.American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade is the most comprehensive reference on American popular culture by decade ever assembled, beginning with the 1900s up through today. The four-volume set examines the fascinating trends across decades and eras by shedding light on the experiences of Americans young and old, rich and poor, along with the influences of arts, entertainment, sports, and other cultural forces.

    Whether a pop culture aficionado or a student new to the topic, American Pop provides readers with an engaging look at American culture broken down into discrete segments, as well as analysis that gives insight into societal movements, trends, fads, and events that propelled the era and the nation. In-depth chapters trace the evolution of pop culture in 11 key categories: Key Events in American Life, Advertising, Architecture, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Music, Sports and Leisure Activities, Travel, and Visual Arts. Coverage includes: How Others See Us, Controversies and scandals, Social and cultural movements, Trends and fads, Key icons, and Classroom resources. Designed to meet the high demand for resources that help students study American history and culture by the decade, this one-stop reference provides readers with a broad and interdisciplinary overview of the numerous aspects of popular culture in our country. Thoughtful examination of our rich and often tumultuous popular history, illustrated with hundreds of historical and contemporary photos, makes this the ideal source to turn to for ready reference or research.
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    Culture doesn't actually exist. Culture is just an 'idea' that we co-create and agree on as a boundary. How could you possibly spend your time -which is another imaginery concept anyway- loathing something that doesn't exist. And which 'youth culture' are you referring to? There are many, and they're all different.:)
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    This seems to be a contradiction....
  20. Popular Culture Association
    1. Academics and Collegiate Culture
    2. Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming)- See Cultural Adaptations
    3. Adolescence in Film and Television
    4. Advertising
    5. African-American Culture
    6. Aging and Senior Culture
    7. American Indian Literatures and Cultures
    8. American Literature
    9. Animation
    10. Appalachian Studies
    11. Armed Conflict
    12. Art & Design Culture
    13. Asian Popular Culture
    14. Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture
    15. Baby-Boomer Culture
    16. Beer Culture
    17. Biographies
    18. Black Performing Arts Area
    19. Black Popular Culture- Special Topic 2019
    20. Body and Culture
    21. Border Studies, Cultural Economy & Migration
    22. Brazilian Popular Culture
    23. British Popular Culture
    24. Celebrity & Popular Culture
    25. Cemeteries & Gravemarkers
    26. Children/Young Adult Series Books and Dime Novels
    27. Children's and YA Literature and Culture
    28. Circuses & Sideshow Culture (formerly Circus and Circus Culture)
    29. Civil War & Reconstruction
    30. Collecting & Collectibles
    31. Comedy & Humor
    32. Comics and Comic Art
    33. Communication & Digital Culture
    34. Copyright and Intellectual Property
    35. Creative Fiction Writing
    36. Cultural Adaptation
    37. Dance & Dance Culture
    38. Disability Studies (Special Topics Area)
    39. Disasters, Apocalypses, and Catastrophes
    40. Ecology & Culture
    41. Education, Teaching, History & Popular Culture
    42. Eros, Pornography & Popular Culture
    43. Fairy Tales
    44. Fan Culture & Theory
    45. Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption & Design
    46. Fat Studies
    47. Film
    48. Film & History- SEE FILM
    49. Film Adaptation - See Cultural Adaptation
    50. Fitness, Exercise and Physical Culture
    51. Folklore
    52. Food in Popular Culture
    53. Game Studies
    54. Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies
    55. Gender & Media Studies
    56. Gender Studies
    57. Generation X
    58. German Literature & Culture
    59. Gothic Literature, Film & Culture
    60. Health and Disease in Popular Culture
    61. History of Popular Culture Studies
    62. Horror (Text, Media, Culture)
    63. Indian Culture, Art & Media
    64. Internet Culture
    65. Jack London's Life & Works
    66. Journalism & Media Culture
    67. Language Attitudes & Popular Linguistics
    68. Latin American Film and Media
    69. Latin American Literature and Culture
    70. Latin Americans and Latinos: Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes
    71. Law and Popular Culture
    72. Libraries, Archives & Museums
    73. Literature & Madness
    74. Literature and Science
    75. Literature, Politics, & Society
    76. Material Culture
    77. Medieval Popular Culture
    78. Memory & Representation
    79. Men and Men's Studies
    80. Mental Health and Mental Illness (see Psychology and Popular Culture)
    81. Midwestern Literature and Culture (Special Topic)
    82. Motherhood/Fatherhood & Popular Culture
    83. Music
    84. Musicals, Stage & Film
    85. Mystery & Detective Fiction
    86. Mythology in Contemporary Culture
    87. New England Studies
    88. Non-Fiction Writing
    89. Philosophy and Culture
    90. Poetry Studies and Creative Poetry
    91. Politics Portrayed in Electronic Print and Media
    92. Popular Art, Architecture, and Design
    93. Popular History in American Culture
    94. Professional Development
    95. Psychology and Popular Culture
    96. Pulp Studies
    97. Punk Culture
    98. Radio and Audio Media
    99. Religion and Culture
    100. Rhetoric, Composition, and Popular Culture
    101. Romance
    102. Science & Popular Culture
    103. Science Fiction and Fantasy
    104. Sea Literature, History, and Culture
    105. Shakespeare on Film and Television
    106. Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling
    107. Sports
    108. Stephen King
    109. Tarot & Other Methods of Divination
    110. Television
    111. The Sixties
    112. Theatre and Drama
    113. Tolkien Studies
    114. Travel and Tourism
    115. Undergraduate Sessions
    116. Vampire Studies
    117. Vehicle Culture
    118. Virtual Identities and Self-Promoting
    119. Visual Culture
    120. War After 1945: Literature, History, Culture, and the Arts
    121. Westerns and the West
    122. Women's Studies
    123. World's Fairs and Expositions
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