Plugin Alliance release 5 new plugins 2019

Discussion in 'Software' started by alexandros papathanasiou, Jul 12, 2019.

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    Will somebody please switch off this ridiculous thread?!?

    A stupid freak show this is !!!
  2. Nightmix

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    From the February 2019 R2R PA releases:



    Q) Did Plugin Alliance change the protection?

    A) The first big change happened between All Bundle v3.0 and v3.1. Before
    v3.1, there are no antidebug, antitamper, antirebuild things. There were
    just C&R protection using SHA256/RSA2048/RC4/BASE64.

    From v3.1, PA adopted protector which we call PA-Layer. (To be honest we
    don't know the actual name of that protector. It looks different from the
    popular cross platfrom protectors like VMProtect).

    PA-Layer function :

    * Packer (Section Encryption)
    * Code Obfuscation + Virtualization
    * Anti Debugging
    * Anti Tampering

    We developed custom loader for the Anti PA-Layer and released in short
    term (v3.1, last PA full bundle for public till now). But PA updated
    the protection immediately for Anti-Anti PA-Layer. Anyway, it is just a
    small change. Maybe they would update the protection again after a while.


    Q) Why did some plugins continue to be cracked?

    A) PA-Layer is adopted to the plugins developed by Plugin Alliance
    (Brainworx) self. 3rd party plugins like Lindell, Unfiltered are not
    protected by PA-Layer.


    Q) What the bad point of PA-Layer? Is it removed from R2R release?

    A) Slow loading time, performance affection. If you want to compare the
    performance, compare the latest one with the one from PA All Bundle v3.0.

    Load many plugins -> Save Project -> Close DAW -> Reload It!

    You can notice the big difference between them.

    Unlike our full rebuilt iLok releases, PA-Layer is still there in our
    releases and you will have any bad points of PA plugins.

    Enjoy the unprofessional behavior of the professional plugins!


    Q) Why AAX got cracked and appeared beside the VST version?
    Is AAX protected weaker than other plugin platform?

    A) Yes, AAX is protected much weaker. While core protection (C&R and related
    crypto) is still obfuscated/virtualized in AAX. We guess this is because
    AAX needs digital signature by Avid, and some integrations of PA-Layer
    conflict with it.

    NOTE : AAX Crack by VR will crash randomly due to the bad bomb dealing.
    It delays the crashing but it still crashes by some random seeds
    (time64) and working time.


    Q) How long does it take to crack all plugins?

    A) Just imagine yourself -
    Generate, Test custom loaders for VST2/VST3/x86/x64, for 90 products.


    Q) I thought R2R was paid by Plugin Alliance to stop cracking.

    A) We thought you were paid to complain R2R.
  3. Gyro Gearloose

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    Jul 8, 2019
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    R2R Encryptor The Suppliers Tools v1.0.0-R2R 21.09.2015


    We are very sorry to inform you that we don't share our special works anymore, unless people supplies things to the groups. We have wanred you countless time since the beginning about the importance of supplying, sharing, supporting crackers. Even we saw many people agreeing and supporting our message, however, the fact is opposite. The most things are supplied from clew and their friends. We rarely get resources from the outside; LIFE SUCKS.

    While some guys and we buy the MANY softwares (even if it is already released by the groups), some others don't at all. These guys are nothing good for neither warez scene nor developers. We don't think we need to feed the "true" leechers more as we have released enough. You don't even have money to buy the cheap softwares? That's OK. You already got enough from the groups.

    This tool is a bitter answer from us. Now you have a chance to supply to the groups without searching for a way to contact. It's you who make the decision. You don't need to be hurried because there are no deadlines or quotas. No matter what happens, we don't stop reversing or releasing. We just keep them to internal world when we feel it's not fair. When we get enough, we start sharing again. It's fuckin simple.

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    This should be moved to the "Hall Of Fame" thread section.
    @Olymoon , please!! If there isn't create one.
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    Yes, Or get closed.
    9 pages as answers to a simili request ... is more than enough.

    Just by reading @Gyro Gearloose comment with R2R's message, everything should be clear.
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