FL Studio trial mode issues while cracking

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by vcrx, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Jan 14, 2022
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    Hi everyone, I'm trying to crack FL Studio on mac whatever the version (up to 20), but all cracks i found (Hexwars and Audiowarez) don't work and FL Studio keeps going back to trial mode.

    I figured out few ideas where the cracks can fail :
    - some of the cracked licenses are blacklisted by image-line and when you launch fl studio they check with internet if you have one of these. One solution seems to block FL Studio in the firewall and to install without Wi-Fi. I did it but it won't work. (https://audiosex.pro/threads/help-with-fl-studio-keygen.40391/)
    - Image-Line have "time-bombed" authorization check and i didn't found solution about that (https://audiosex.pro/threads/help-f...-i-cant-open-a-beat-people-want-to-buy.61448/)

    Anyone can help me ?
  3. demberto

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    Nov 27, 2018
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    Dunno about mac, but the 20.8.3 Team AudioWarez version works perfectly fine for me on Windows. Idk what is the equivalent of registry on mac, it might have been messed up by a bad crack.

    Been long since it has been properly cured
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