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Sep 4, 2011
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Aug 14, 1970 (Age: 49)
The darkest pit of my mind
Music and computers


Audiosexual, Male, 49, from The darkest pit of my mind

I'm probably off making music, if I'm not smoking pot, drinking wine, or having sex. The best things in life are either cheap or free. Dec 6, 2017

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Oct 23, 2019 at 2:44 AM
    1. vladimir guerrero
      vladimir guerrero
      Reaper is my new home. I sense that it's the ultimate tool for messy bitches like me. Brain is learning to catch up with the flow it unleashes. Routing/actions/media bay/item treatment/video support... they're blowing my dumbass mind!
    2. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      Hi, you wrote 'I'm really good at Chess, but it's hard to find somebody to play with'.

      Did you try
    3. demen956
      Sine wave I read an old Post from you maybe you can help, where can I find the waves real time plugin ?? Any help would be appreciated
    4. SkintMusician
      Hey dude! Straight and to the point. I'm looking to get on Audionews and I missed the 'open registration' again. I read your generous offer and thought 'am I cheeky enough to ask this dude, even though I don't know him?' So here I am wondering if your offer is still available. Anyway, if you can help then much appreciated, if not then sorry to bother you and hope you have continuous success with your music. Cheers.
    5. XImpalerX
      Hello SineWave, do you happen to have an invite to audionews still?

    6. wasgedn
      mixbus tv and junkieXL are great YT channels..btw
    7. wasgedn
      yo wave.....

      i get my gear 7 edirol firewire....basstation.....boss graphic EQ.....bass overdrive pedal...will get s1100 +,s3200xl currently check out a s3000xl.....
      thx man for bringing me the light....90ies gear .....

      you got watch this man

      check out 8 bit mirage sampler...he resample moogs and stuff...

    8. Apache3348
      Hi, you still giving out invitations to Audionews?
      1. David Leo
        David Leo
        I need the invite too.. please help
        Jul 31, 2018
    9. JosRoundtree
      Hello SineWave, I'll take that invite to Audio News if you don't mind?
      I'd like to try it out.
    10. SineWave
      I'm probably off making music, if I'm not smoking pot, drinking wine, or having sex. The best things in life are either cheap or free.
      1. Maizelman likes this.
    11. Ted Smithton
      Ted Smithton
      Yo Sine wave I'll take that invite to Audio News if you don't mind? Cheers
    12. MrMister
      hey man, could you by any chance direct me to that win 7 lite? getting tired of win 10 :/ thanks man.
    13. stayfunkey
      was reading about your win 7 lite by nil. I already downloaded it, but do you have to register windows? Or is it cracked already?! Or will it expire after a period of time. Hope to hear from you. Ciao S
      1. SineWave
        It is pre-activated, so you don't have to worry about registration. :wink:
        Jan 30, 2016
    14. badnfunky
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    Aug 14, 1970 (Age: 49)
    The darkest pit of my mind
    Music and computers
    My Gear:
    My sick brain [TM] accompanied by my main self-assembled PC, running Debian Linux, XP and W7. Lenovo Laptop T410S running Debian Linux and W7. RME HDSP 9652, TC Electronic StudioKonnekt 48, Dynaudio BM12A, AKG K240DF, Sennheiser MD431, Shure SM58 and SM57, Soundtracs Topaz mixer, Akai S3200, Yamaha A5000 and A3000, Roland S-760, E-MU Emulator 4XT, Kurzweil K2000VP, Drawmer DL241, Drawmer DS201, Novation Remote SL37, Akai MPD32, Behringer BCR2000, Presonus Faderport, several guitar pedals... the list changes often. I had so much gear... now cutting it down to just favourite basics and loving this hybrid analogue/digital setup to the bone as I don't have to use the bloody mouse a lot.
    I've been around making music for a long time. Started in high school with a Yamaha PSS-680 and soon I traded my C64 for a Roland Jupiter-4. My first real synth that taught me how to make subtractive synthesis sounds. I was hooked... then Atari... Rolands... PPG... Korgs... Ensoniq... Akai... Oberheim... gigs... bla bla and so on. I even worked in a studio where we made our first demos and that's how I learned a lot about mixing and recording. I've given up on Atari for making music in ~1997 and started using the PC that I owned for a couple of years already. Got a job as a PC service/maintenance guy at about that time, too. Been doing that for quite a while as music didn't pay off much and you gotta eat. Speaking of food, I became a vegetarian in high-school, but I always liked fast food crap like pizza and sandwiches. In 2010 I've become vegan, so I finally started eating healthy food, mainly due to health reasons as I've suffered a heart failure in 2015 from having extremely sedentary life [I would literally just do music and read music forums whole day], eating junk, smoking and drinking too much. I had a really serious, but successful, open heart operation. Watch out for that one, because you don't know it's coming and when it does you'll be absolutely devastated. Nowadays I'm walking my dog twice a day for an hour at least. But oh I still love junk [vegan] food, red wine, domestically grown tobacco and pot to the bone. Till death do us part. LOL I am recovering well, though. It seems like healthy vegan food, loads of veg and fruit, and daily exercise helped. ;) Cheers everybody!


    "The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited