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Jul 28, 2020
Jan 17, 2014
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i'm just posting it on the topic page now Mar 23, 2016

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Jul 28, 2020
    1. tom tom
      tom tom
      Thanks PsYAuM for your quick responds, will have a try...
    2. tom tom
      tom tom
      Hi there, any chance you can get up the Cubase Morph Template one more time? Would be highly appreciated!
      1. PsYAuM
        Hi tom tom
        sorry i don't have it anymore.
        I switched to Bitwig and didn't keep anything of Cubase thereafter.
        Message myramalou (below). I give it to him. Maybe he still has it.
        If not message Denis at Zynaptiq. Maybe he still has it and he is a very helpful person.
        Dec 6, 2019
    3. PsYAuM
      i'm just posting it on the topic page now
    4. myramalou
      Hallo PsYAuM, thänx for your reply, if it is possible, yes i would like it to have the template. I use morph in the moment with maschine from native instruments. i wrote to zynaptiq too and ask, in which way i can use maschine and morph 2. they send me a good explanation of it and since this i can make great morphed sounds in maschine. If you want, i can send you the explanation with email. myramalou
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