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Jan 17, 2015
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Oct 14, 2017 at 7:48 AM
    1. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      cont (damned 420 characters limit)

      Despite that the sounds are quite good and the vocals recorded well, some small deficits in the mix but nothing dramatic.

      So, good luck with the other contestants, I hope you find your mastering.

    2. No Avenger
      No Avenger

      sorry for letting you wait for so long. And sorry again, this is not the kind of music I use to listen to.
      Nevertheless I got the impression you know quite well what you are doing - not your first song? ;-)

      The main thing I missed is bass instrument (guitar or synth) and maybe more use of the stereofield with distinct sounds which occur more often than the percussion sound.
    3. No Avenger
      No Avenger
      if I can deal with your song (that is if I like it) I can give it a try. In matters of money I'm not a pro but I'm skilled and talented and can hear differences in masterings that others obviously do not hear as I surprisingly experienced a few times.

      Your noise your choice ;-)

      [email protected]
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