May 28, 2012
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    1. olson
      cheers - totally lost my self... nice to see u keeping that up here
      big respect for that <3
    2. King20172018
      Hey what is the sister site so I can download the uberschall key gen?
    3. justinbieber
      how can i contact you? do you answer these?
      1. Medrewb likes this.
    4. Rico
      Is there a way to use any kontakt library with Any version of kontakt?
    5. Rico
      How do I ask a question on here?
    6. Kevin Kartwell
      Kevin Kartwell
      Got an issue with an R2R keygen, if you have a minute to discuss. Let me know. :)
    7. superliquidsunshine
      Ha, your name was innocently invoked in a thread and almost immediately the villagers started filling the street with their pitchforks and torches vowing revenge on the monster who ate their children. Boy, they either love you or hate you around here. It in its own way mirrors the current election in the USA. Who would you be, Donald or Hillary? LOL...Take care!
    8. 0on3
      h3Y CAT broth'a ...... wearz ya @ m8 !!!!

      juz think'n ov ya a bit , tryin ta stay N touch !!
    9. krishna
      this is krish from india , ive recently added Kontakt epic horns library but there is is no sound Even i tried modulation Also . Activate cursor is is moving but there is no sound from that plzz help me
    10. krishna
      hello sir
    11. willdathrill
      Whats good Brother, i hope your doing good. Miss seeing ya around. PLEASE hit me up, and let me know your doing ok...
      Hope all is Well Brother.. hope to hear from ya soon
      1. superliquidsunshine likes this.
    12. peacefulburningz
      Hey brother, you probably don't remember me from the Z, but I was just wanting to see if you were doing ok. I read something on AS about you having some hard times with your family. I've been there for the past little bit myself. Stay strong brother and thanks for all that you did on audioz. You were always a friend to me. If you ever need anyone to talk to hit me up.

      Hope All is Well
      1. willdathrill likes this.
    13. sage fox
      sage fox
      Hi Nice to meet you,I'm Captain Sage Fox,soldier from America , contact me back with my email [email protected]
    14. ned944
      How is life treating you these days?
    15. ArticStorm
      what you doing? all good with you?
    16. sideshowbob
      A merry one & New Year of chance/opportunity that is a match for you!
      I very doubt there will ever be a single person putting as much in AS as you did.
      That (almost) one year we shared together became a real life changer. And a special thanks for AS-Academy, too.
      1. Amirious and MrAnonymous like this.
    17. Partfinder
      Hi all,

      I need your take on this choice.
      I missed the Black Friday sales to buy API Vissionn for $149
      now the price has gone up today for $199. And at the same time I have the choice to buy a fatso for $149
      I have two coupons for $25 each. what do you do if you were me and expecially when you into RNB, Afro Hiphop.

      thanks a million
    18. mr_head
      Hi Catalyst! I was reading your threads about the incompatibility between soundtoys and win 8 x64, and the failure in bridging it with jbridge. I'm just having the exact same problem, and it's maddening me. I wonder if you could finally solve it. Thanks in advance and best regards!
    19. Federico Bulangat
      Federico Bulangat
      Catalyst, I read a thread about animated avatars here and you said to let you know if it doesn't work. I wanted to use the same avatar over on Audioz site but it doesn't appear to be working for me. My name over there is the same as here - bulangat. Thanks!
    20. Impressive
      Like many said, you made a lot of us including me, feel welcomed and are always kind to us. Your a great guy, so be strong. Sometimes wishes are unfulfilled because you deserve better. My thoughts are with you and your Mom. Every setback paves way for an epic comeback. Keep your head up. Nobody likes losing a loved one. It helps to battle it with a good head on your shoulders. Hope you feel better soon, m8.
      1. sideshowbob likes this.
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