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May 3, 2013
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Creation Dec 10, 2015

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Sep 26, 2020 at 11:39 AM
    1. anona2
      Can you save me from snapshots and macros while using simsynth 2.7, I need it to make sparta bases. Please give me the new link as zippyshare failed. I have already limited 2.7 but need at least 2.15 with presets. My mail: [email protected]
    2. somniumXsomnium
      Hey there, I've been searching for simsynth 2.7 for a very long time with no luck... any chance you could be so kind as to help me end this quest positively ? Thanks
      1. bluerover
        Sure. Give me around 24 hours and I'll send you a ziipy link.
        Apr 25, 2019
      2. bluerover
      3. somniumXsomnium
        Thank you brother. May fortune follow you wherever you may go .
        Apr 25, 2019
        bluerover likes this.
    3. HammerHead
      Hi Need some help regard installation of the Maschine 2 software in my PC.. I seen you had many posts of worth in the forums.. Can you kindly help me?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. HammerHead
        I recently bought a Maschine MK2 (not the Mikro) from Guitar Center, I could register the serial on my mail Id successfully. But When I tried downloading the softwares using the Native Acess, it just lists 2 free ones Kontakt and Reacktor Player. No Maschine. I want to use it for Finger Drumming.. But when it is plugged in, no buttons react.. How do i enable it to play drums? Pls advice
        Jan 20, 2019
      3. bluerover
      4. bluerover
        I'm not sure what the problem could be. I would post the problem in the forum so serious Maschine users could quickly help you find a solution.

        Jan 21, 2019
    4. Impressive
      Your profile pic is amazing! Lol :D
      1. bluerover
        It is cool! :-D I did not create the image though.
        Apr 25, 2016
        Impressive likes this.
    5. MozartEstLa
      Hehe, Hi, use Asseca first, then try to install Altiverb 7 XL or any iZotope you want, you'll go to laugh, trust me! ;) Precision: they're vendor installers (not custom).
    6. bluerover
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    My Gear:
    Vermona Lancet
    DSI Mopho
    Moog Minitaur
    Moog Slim Phatty
    Waldorf Streichfett
    Waldorf Pulse 2
    Waldorf Blofeld
    Waldorf Micro Q
    Korg MS2000R
    Roland MC303
    Virus Snow
    Novation Bass Station 2
    Korg Volca Bass
    Korg Volca Sample
    Arturia MicroBrute
    Roland Integra-7
    Nord Lead 1 Rack
    Nord Lead 3
    Nord Lead 4
    Nord Drum 2
    Kurweil PC361 w/ Kore 64
    Kurzweil K2VXS
    M-Audio Venom
    Novation X-Station 49
    Roland TR-8
    Roland TB-3
    Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII UW+ (+drive)
    Elektron Model:Samples
    Roland JD-XI
    Behringer Neutron

    Expert Sleepers USAMO
    Alyseum AL-88c (x3)
    Kenton MIDI thru 25
    MOTU MTP (x1)

    Impulse 49
    Novation LaunchKey 25
    Launch Pad
    Akai APK25
    Midi Fighter 3D
    Korg PadKontrol
    Maschine Mk2
    Ableton Push
    Roland GI20 w/ Gk3
    Fishman Tripleplay
    Arturia Beatstep Pro
    Arturia SparkLE

    ZOOM G3
    ZOOM B3
    AVID 11Rack
    Digitech GSP-1101

    Sebatron VMP 1000e
    UA 6176
    Presonus ADL600
    P3S Foote Compressor
    BAE 10DC
    UBK Fatso
    Distressor w/brit mod
    Daking Fet II
    DBX 160A
    Manley Vari-Mu hpf
    Inward Connections TSL4 v2

    RME FireFace800
    RME 9652
    TC BMC-2 (studio-b)
    Lucid 88192 (x2)
    BLA Microclock 2

    Soundcraft MFX12
    Behringer RX1602
    Novation ZERO mkii
    Switchcraft 9625 patchbay

    Hughs & Kettner Tubmeister 18
    EVH 5150 iii
    Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25
    Bogner Atma
    Orange 35RT
    Orange Micro Terror
    Orange Micro Dark
    Orange Brent Hinds
    VHT Special 12/20 RT

    Orange 2x12 (V30s)
    *Various Cabinets
    Alto TS112A
    Weber Minimass

    Overstayer Saturator
    API A2D
    Focusrite TWO
    Phoenix DRS-1
    Phoenix Ascent One
    Daking Mic-Pre ONE
    Heritage TT-73
    Apogee Mini-Me
    Behringer ADA8200

    Radial Workhorse w/o mixer
    Lindell 510
    Lindell 506

    Neve 88rlb
    Avedis MA5
    Burl B1D
    Great River MP-500NV
    Radial Powertube
    Lindell PEQ-5x (x2)
    Elysia Xfilter 500
    UBK Electra 500 (x2)
    AML EZP1A-500 (x2)
    Elysia Xpressor
    TK BC501
    Inward Connections Vogad
    Anamod 660
    Buzz Essence
    VP28 w/Red Dots
    True PT2-500
    D.A.V. BG501
    Cranborne Camden 500 (x2)

    Mogami 2549 and Canare (mic/line/Instrument)
    Mogami Snake (summing out)
    VK Gold Snakes (x6 patch bay)
    Monster Instrument/TRS Line
    Planet Waves AES/EBU
    HOSA Coaxial SPDIF
    George L Instrument
    Lava Instrument

    Mojave 301 fet
    Shure SM7B
    Beesneez Oliver
    Stellar CM6
    AKG c214
    AKG 414 XLS
    sE x1
    Audix f15
    Shure PG81
    KAM ribbon
    KAM utility OMNI
    KAM Condenser/Ribbon hybrid
    Beyer Dynamic m201
    Shure SM57
    Shure SM58
    Audix i5
    Blue Spark
    Kel HM-1
    Electrovoice RE20
    Sennheiser e838
    CAD M179 (x2)
    Lewitt LCT-340 (x2)
    Rode NT-5 (x2)
    Beesneez Sheliese
    3U GZ67fet
    Gefell UMT 70S
    Sennheiser MD-421
    Neumann TLM 102
    ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET
    sE Voodoo VR1

    JBL LSR308
    JBL LSR305
    Mackie HR624 mkii
    Mackie mr5 mkii
    Avantone MixCubes
    Dynaudio LYD 48
    IK iLoud Micr (x2 sets)
    IK iLoud MTM

    Radial MC3
    Dangerous Music D-Box

    Yamaha DTX-790
    various aux percussion

    TC Helicon Voicetone
    TC Helicon Voice Live I

    (x2) Radial JDI Duplex
    Radial JDV
    Radial JCR
    Radial EXTC SA (x2)
    A-Designs REDDI
    Two-Notes C.A.B. M
    Suhr Reactive Load

    Schecter SLS EX Baritone
    Schecter SLS 7
    Schecter ATX 8
    Godin Summit CT
    Godin Session
    Fender Am Special Strat HSS
    Fender Am Std Strat SSS
    Fender Am Std Tele
    EBMM Petrucci 12 BFR w/ bareknuckles
    Ibanez Prestige J-Craft RG
    Breedlove C250/SME12
    Takamine ETN40C
    Fender Am Special Jazz Bass
    Fender Am Std P-Bass
    Godin Shifter 4
    Carvin B40
    Cort A5
    Squire modified fretless
    Reverend PA-1
    Schecter SOLO II Platinum
    Godin Summit Classic CT P-90
    Kiesel Vader 7
    ESP EC-1000 Fishman Fluence

    TAMA Starclassic B/B 5pc
    TAMA Starphonic Brass Snare

    AKG k702
    ATH m50x
    Sennheiser HD558
    Beyer Dynamic DT-770
    Sennheiser HD-380
    Shure E5 (x2)
    SONY MDR-7506

    i7 2600k (electronic production)
    i7 8750H (electronic production)
    i7 8700k (main studio)
    i3 8145U (vox booth remote w/ team viewer)
    (x2) 27" monitors
    (x1) 49" 4K TV
    (x4) Rosewill 10-port USB hub
    (x4) Monster Power 3500
    (x2) Monster Power 900
    (x2) Monster Power power strip

    VSTi various
    VST fx various

    Sonar Platinum :-'(
    Reaper :-D
    Ableton :-/
    Fruityloops >:-D

    Making Waves (Radium)
    Orion (old)

    Rebirth (Radium)
    Tuareg 2 (old)
    Stomper (old)

    Portable vocal/recording booth - H:82" x W:42" x D:36"
    - Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets
    - Custom cut furniture grade 1.5" PVC pipe
    - 6" & 9" Goliath spring clamps; bungee cords.