"You're not shooting the bullet you're catching it," (ANNA)

Discussion in 'Work in Process' started by SpyFx ✪, May 23, 2020.

  1. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    I'm so excited to watch this movie when it will be released :bow:
    This is the new trailer :bow: :

    Original :bow: :

    ......so with this in my mind ^...i was inspired to do something simple but not simplistic :bow:....
    ...........so here is the idea...i think it will be fun & a lot of people can collaborate.....
    Please Participate :wink: :bow:
    i created this :

    right ^ ?.....right....so here is where all of you come into play :yes: :
    Download it....Reverse it....add a music element of yours....upload it here....next member...downloads yours...reverses it....
    ........uploads it here with a new music element on top....& so on & so on......
    Rules :
    1.Have Fun.
    2.Download ANNA (first member who wants to participate)
    3.Reverse it ( the track) do not add drums or any percussion elements.
    4.Upload it here on this thread with a new music element of yours added in (for example it can be a pad sound/fx/melody )
    5.Next member downloads your track(not mine) & starts over from rule #3
    6.Use a palindrome word for your track ( for example i used ANNA)
    7.you get the idea by now...have fun ! :guru: i know ...i know i'm crazy :guru:
    (24 bit 48 KHz wav files only please( the volume is close to -23 LUFS Broadcast Level)
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  3. Stryves

    Stryves Platinum Record

    Feb 22, 2020
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    So based on the logo, shouldn't the contribution be added halfway and then reversed for the rest of the track? I think your way could still work though, so I'll chime in when my head is straight

    Yeah, we both are, let's see where it goes.
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  4. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    Hello @Stryves :bow:,thank You so much for your reply & i'm looking forward to listen to what you create with it :wink: :bow:
    ^ Basically what i'm asking is for you to download it,reverse it & add a simple music element of your own on top :bow:it can be anything from a simple bass,an arp line,a lead...& so on....then next member in line can do the same process.
    I created something so simple as a starting point,so fellow members can have "free space" on it,to add music elements on top,after 5-10 members do this process,i feel it can become an interesting music journey :bow:
    ^ what logo ?,sorry i don't get this part,can you expand on your thoughts please ?
    BTW i forgot to add that the BPM is 120 :bow:,have a great day ! :bow:
  5. Stryves

    Stryves Platinum Record

    Feb 22, 2020
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    The TENET logo, TEN and then ET is flipped in the youtube video for me, it's where I was getting half and half but don't mind me, your way makes much more sense lol.

    EDIT: Nobody wait for me, I'm still playing lol, go get er done!
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  6. Trurl

    Trurl Rock Star

    Nov 17, 2019
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    It should be reversed and inverted. I'm down for that. I messed around trying to write palindromic music years ago and it was so beastly hard to get something I liked that adhered to the rules that way I quit ;)
  7. Ad Heesive

    Ad Heesive Audiosexual

    Apr 21, 2019
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    @SpyFX, I like your idea, but still not sure about how you see the palindrome working out.
    So, I just did a grungy bass part for it.
    I followed your approach of keeping it as simple as possible and leaving space.

    Best palindrome word I could think of was 'POOP';
    'POOP' seems to describe the quality of my bass part quite well. :)

    I don't use soundcloud so I've uploaded POOP to this link. https://www7.zippyshare.com/v/7RFVgWZV/file.html
    Please do whatever you want with it (including ignore it altogether if you want)

    There are two files in the link
    POOP - mixed.wav
    POOP - just bass.wav
    That way someone can just grab a few bars only if they want.

    In your comment you said... "24 bit 48 KHz wav files only please"
    but actually your recording ANNA.wav on Soundcloud is 44.1 KHZ
    so that's what my files are too.

    By the way,
    I chose to turn your nicely ambiguous-key ANNA into C Phrygian mode.

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  8. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    @Ad Heesive thank you so much for participating :bow:
    So i took your upload & i reversed it,then added an improvisation/melody on top,this time in "24 bit 48 KHz wav" :wink:
    I hope you like it this is "HANNAH" :bow: :

    ^ ( if anyone needs stems of this or anything else let me know,cheers ! :wink: :bow:
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  9. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    btw this is "EVE" (HANNAH track reversed) :bow::bow: :
  10. Ad Heesive

    Ad Heesive Audiosexual

    Apr 21, 2019
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    Hi @SpyFX,

    Good fun.
    Here's a few constructive observations... (none of which matter as much as having fun with it)

    I like what you did musically as HANNAH overdubs.
    I think the HANNAH overdubs are mixed too loud. I can't hear ANNA at all in this mix
    I would have preferred to hear HANNAH blending at a volume similar to your ANNA original track.

    I think your HANNAH overdubs sound nice either way - forwards or reversed
    I think my POOP bass sounds ok forwards but sounds crap when reversed.
    So if POOP survives, then, to my ears, it would only be in versions like EVE where it ends up being forward.

    It's now a bit polytonal (to say the least)
    The POOP bass is Phrygian and the HANNAH overdubs are something else,
    so some of it blends and some of it conflicts, which may or may not be fine according to taste.
    (personally - I like it - but still want it more equally mixed to hear the clashes more clearly)


    If anyone else picks up on this to take it further, what I'd recommend is...

    First see how it sounds with HANNAH overdubs mixed at much lower volume. It would be nice to hear EVE with that remix.

    Be willing to backtrack and branch off again...
    [1] Mix ANNA and HANNAH (without the POOP bass) and then compose a new (non Phrygian) bass part
    That would probably offer more flexible options - but they would need your HANNAH stems to do that.
    [2] Start again with the POOP mix and try to say more strictly Phrygian with new overdubs (that's harder)
    They could start doing that using just my previous POOP links.

    Recommend any future overdubs try to ensure that the ANNA original track stays very audible.

    These were just observations and suggestions.
    It looks like maybe no-one else is picking up on this though - maybe POOP killed it - sorry if that's true :)

    Anyway, thanks for your innovative post, it was fun to try a quick new game of palindromic music.

    Cheers :wink:
  11. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    @Ad Heesive :) ^^^ thank you for your kind words & thoughts :bow:
    This time i took your bass (POOP - just bass.wav) & i played with the C Phrygian mode,here is "RADAR" enjoy ! :bow: :

    I suggest to everyone to read your thoughts or on the opening post & get creative :) :bow:,anyway according to TENET movie this thread hasn't happened yet...:bow:
    So....here is a free Ep for the Audiosex Community ( bassline created by @Ad Heesive ) :bow: :
    L e V e L ▲ EP ▶,enjoy ! :wink: :

    ^ i had fun ! :bow:,Peace. :wink:
    (if anyone needs stems of this or anything else let me know,cheers ! )
    Edit : added @Ad Heesive 's "ITASATI :bow::
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  12. Ad Heesive

    Ad Heesive Audiosexual

    Apr 21, 2019
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    @SpyFx ✪ , I love RADAR ! Thanks very much for making that. :like::like::like:

    So, I also followed my own suggestion and went back to ANNA and started again.
    This time I deliberately found a context where ANNA can stay prominent
    and still have something interesting going on around her.

    Wonderful to see how many crazy directions this can go.

    Given that I still haven't organised a SoundCloud account, would you kindly add this to your palindrome list at offfield.
    It's called ITASATI

    If anyone ever figures out why I chose 'ITASATI' as a name they ought to get a prize - but they won't :wink:
    Last edited: May 26, 2020
  13. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    ^ My friend you created a very beautiful track :bow:,Respect to You for that :bow:
    ^ Yes no problem,but what is your artist name ? what do you want me to post it as ?
    Ad Heessive - ITASAIT,or something else ?,let me know :bow:
    ^ does it have to do anything with the word "ASA" ? : (it is a boy--->ITASATI)
    It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Asa is "doctor, healer"
    Asa as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Asa), is pronounced AY-sah.
    or : for As Sallam Alaykum meaning 'may peace be with you"
    ^ i'm just guessing here nothing more,probably i'm wrong :wink::bow:
    Thank you for your amazing track "ITASATI" :) :wink: :like: :bow:
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  14. Xupito

    Xupito Audiosexual

    Jan 21, 2012
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    Christopher Nolan is always good news!
    Nice tracks @SpyFx ✪ :wink:
  15. kabir

    kabir Member

    Sep 26, 2016
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    Hi SpyFx.
    I know , that's not important and a little bit off topic. But what DAW are you using? I'm just curious, where you make your creations .
    Thank you for your reply brother.
    And all best to you and all guys in this "strange" & challenging times.
  16. SpyFx ✪

    SpyFx ✪ Guest

    ^ Hello my friend @kabir :bow::bow::bow:
    For this EP i've used Logic Pro X (10.5),this is my main DAW,on tracks ANNA,HANNAH & EVE i've used the free Spitfire Audio Labs.
    i also use Ableton Live most of the time when i'm doing electronica & Bitwig :bow:
    I have Reason also :bow:

    Track "RADAR" was created using only LOGIC PRO X ,have a great day man ! :bow:
  17. Ad Heesive

    Ad Heesive Audiosexual

    Apr 21, 2019
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    How about just list it as 'ITASATI', alongside your other palindrome tracks?
    If a track on soundcloud has any notes attached (I wouldn't know - never used it) then how about just refer to it as one of your Audiosex collaborations.
    I'm glad you liked the track.
    I loved the challenge of not letting it feel too personally precious and just making it happen fast. A nice kick up my own butt.
    This thread has a lovely attitude. Thank you.
    Last edited: May 26, 2020
  18. reliefsan

    reliefsan Audiosexual

    Jul 31, 2014
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    I can recommend doing those 3 "things" as a habbit, or having it apart of your process.

    lots of JOY and FUN that way. Darre i say, More freedom.
  19. Yellow Raven

    Yellow Raven Platinum Record

    May 26, 2019
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    Lebanon. Beirut.
    just droppin' in to say i liked the idea and all what's been done is wonderful...
    great work guys an inspiration. hope one day i will be able to contribute
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