Your Favorite Plugins for Metalcore/Post-Hardcore Productions?

Discussion in 'Rock, Metal' started by adorno, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    Hey guys!
    I listened to the new Bring me the Horizon album. I think it's an awesome production..
    i tried to make some similiar songs in my daw. But what are your plugins to go if you're working on a metalcore/post-hardcore production?

    My favorites are:
    -Superior Drummer (love these bouncing functions)
    -Revalver MK4 for guitar and bass guitar
    -sylenth1 for additional background synths
    -mojito for strings (but im not 100% happy with it)
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    Jan 21, 2012
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    You can't go wrong with SD, Revalver 4 and Sylenth1. The hard part is how you tweak them, which expansion/library/preset and so on. I can't help you with that but for sure other users of this brand new metal forum :D will do.

    About strings I can tell you that mojito is cool but limited. There are tons of string synths/libraries. Again, you'll have to wait to more experienced users.

    It'll be helpful if you upload some samples of the sound you're currently achieving.
  4. F3r

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    Oct 19, 2015
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    South America
    my Favorite:

    GUITARS: v-metal; kgm 7th; shred ibz/2x; Real eight.
    - amps/vst/etc: Revalver 4, AMPLITUBE 3, TSE X50, Kuassa Amplifikation Creme. Sometimes: ez-mix (pack guitar metal etc...)
    - Impluses loaders: mixIR2, NadIR, (revalver,tse x50, kuassa, como with impulses loaders.
    -impulses: all the Redwirez *(com with 96 KHz-24bit ) means high quallity ; JTW v30 Impulse Response Pack ; and some other if have 24bit 96khz).

    Bass: orange tree samples cherry electric bass (kontakt) ; Ilya.Efimov.Modern.Bass-KONTAKT (5 STRING BASS) (kontakt) ; Ample Sound: Bass P;
    -amps/vst etc: Revalver 4; AMPLITUBE 3; Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp;
    -FX: ESPECIALLY and PARTICULARLY: TSE B.O.D (Bass OverDrive) :) :wink:
    -impulses: all the Redwirez *(com with 96 KHz-24bit ) ; Ampeg/Hartke/KG/peavey/ and some other Always if have 24bit 96khz.

    Drum: Superior drummer * with all de expansions of ezdrummer + METAL MACHINERY SDX + The Metal Foundry SDX. * I made a drum wiht diferents sound for kontakt included: (cory brunnemann/Joey Sturgis Drum Samples/The Metal Kick Drum/other sasmplers) but alway i USE superior.

    kontatk: various developers: goth, 8Dio.Basstard, Soundiron Sick (series) ; Big Fish Audio - Zodiac ; Tonehammer_requiem ; Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars 2 ; Vir2 Instruments Apollo Cinematic Guitars. and others.

    daw┬┤s: for compose: fl studio 12 or bitwig, for me (better PIANO roll)
    for MIX: studio one 3 and HARRISON mixbus 3.
    mastering: studio one 3, ik multimedia T-RackS CS, iSOTPE.

    other FX i like a lot: FabFilter Pro-Q 2; TSE_BOD_v2.0 ; Whamdrive ; Flux - StereoToolV3 ; bx_shredspread ; etc... and off corse = SCHEPS 73 from (WAVES) fantastic ONE.....:metal:
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    nice gear bro all need is a bias amp and fx.
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