Xhip.net releases new alpha of XHIP VSTi, now r627 with x64 support

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    Xhip.net releases new alpha of XHIP VSTi, now v8


    May 21 2017

    • GUI resize.
      If you right-click on the Xhip logo you will now get a menu which allows a few resizing options. For this to work it relies upon host support for setting the window size.

      Due to the limited bitmap sizes available and the impracticality of applying a simple bitmap resize to the knobs/leds and so on, the same size bitmaps will be used for all size variations. In the future it will be possible to load additional skin resources such as alternate knobs or other widget bitmaps as well as custom backgrounds although this is a lot of work to get right and won't happen until after the next (8) release.

      The sizes smaller than 100% are merely for my own testing and due to the fixed font and icon sizes remain impractical for real use.

      The system remains extremely inefficient in terms of memory and the rescaled bitmaps are generated every time the GUI is opened rather than being cached. This will also be fixed in the future.

    • New XMod modes.
      Some new xmod modes have been added. These have worked for years now although Xhip was never updated to work with them beyond using it myself to test the modes internally.

      The new modes are "linear" and "differentiated".

      Linear works by adding to the frequency rather than scaling it and supports "thru-zero" or in other words negative frequencies. This is similar to the way "FM" synthesizers like the DX7 work.

      Differentiated works by using the difference of the modulation from the last sample rather than the immediate value. A triangle is turned into a square wave, a sine becomes cosine. The biggest consequence of this is that the modulation depth becomes frequency dependent. Lower frequencies will be modulated less than higher frequencies. Watch out for aliasing. This mode is most advantageous because it removes any low-frequency offsets (causing detune) from the modulator. Try it with PCM!

    • Bank name and category are now working fully!
      The bank name and preset categories are saved in presets and banks and display on the GUI in the newly arranged text entry controls. Middle-click for the preset name menu (if exists) and right click to edit the text.

      The categories are displayed in the menu. If a category contains more than 16 presets it will be divided into numerical ("bass 1", "bass 2", ...) sub-categories. A preset without a category will be displayed on the bottom of the menu unless there are more than 16 such presets. In the case of more than 16 "null category" presets, they will be forced into categories named "No category #".

      The text edit control remains rather basic. I'd like to add clipboard (cut/copy/paste) and selection functionality in the future.

    • Default bank (loaded on new instance)
      See the new version of the "factory default" bank in the downloads section. Load this bank and right click on the "save bank" menu, then select "save as default". This will copy the bank to your appdata/xhip/synth directory and it will load automatically with the plugin. You can also right click on "load bank" and load the default that way to "restore" the state if you've edited presets.

    • The "route" page in the control section.
      This is for routing MIDI CC values, velocity, key and other inputs of that nature to modulate preset parameters. The system roughly works in the latest alpha although it requires further work. Please let me know any thoughts on its functionality; it is only for testing, it is not yet saved in presets or projects.

      I know that the values are not always updated correctly and that any automation or "map CC" input will override the "route" modulation values.
    Also there is a stable version if you don't want to complicate with the alpha release but i can tell you that this thing is a monster ...ive been testing it since two days and decided to make a thread for it as it been updated lately ...give it a try, it sounds line a Nord Lead 2 and definitely better than Discovery Pro, and the best thing is that its free and the guy works on it still...
    Apparently you cannot automate it but for have some fun its a great synth...

    WARNING: CPU Eater ...but its worth it



    Lastest stable version 8 (May 21 2017)

    New features:

    Resizable GUI
    MIDI to parameter routing
    Embedded effects
    Preset categories
    Bank name
    New LEDs
    Buttons replaced with a menu
    Improved preset menu
    Improved parameter menus
    Unison stereo width
    Sine waveform
    Save/load state files
    User-customizable "init state"
    PCM now saved in projects/state
    Save/load "MIDI learn" CC map
    Linear and differentiated xmod modes
    Voice recycling switch
    Various fixes and other improvements

    DOWNLOAD x64: http://xhip.net/synth/releases/xhip_8_64bit.exe

    DOWNLOAD x32: http://xhip.net/synth/releases/xhip_8_32bit.exe

    PS: They have some FX too ...to me they sound very good, you could argue about interface but who cares about the face

    Support and Have Phun, Cheers!

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    xhip v8 released today...
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    Aciddose XHIP synthesizer 8.0
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