World music double CD excerpts

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    I could say something about being typecast which is why I did this CD being mixed at the end of this month. It would not be true. I simply decided to place no criteria on what style and wrote or created whatever I wished. I used real musicians and friends and samples as well. It is definitely world music because there is no fixed style.
    Some are uber-simple, some require exceptional musical skills,, some are light, some are dark, some pretty, some sad so on and so forth. I covered most of the spectrum I liked. I never did it for any reason other than pure creativity and no boundaries on writing. I do not think I bypassed any country in instrumentation either.

    I am tempted tongue-in-cheek to say I am over 30 so all my musical talent has disappeared but I won't.
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  3. BaSsDuDe

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    Zippyshare no longer is supported it seems for embedding - sorry people
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    First Zippy runs fine here. I'd say you'll need flash player, but you need it for vocaroo too, so... :unsure:

    Second, oh, hell, yes, man, over 30 and trying to be creative, forget it!! :hahaha:

    The excerpts sound all really convincing. Pretty on point with an incredible variety. I'm impressed.

    Athough it's at the same time a bit confusing and funny to listen to this track with 5 sec samples of all the single tracks. Maybe you upload a link to the whole album so we can listen to the complete songs, please?
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    Sitting on a Cornflake
    Really nice man, I could chill and drift to this for hours....:chilling:

    Ever thought about these guys as an outlet?

    Fookin' gorgeous moosh
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  6. BaSsDuDe

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    Because some of the people on this CD have been a part of my life since I was 12 representing de4cades, I have thought about this.
    It will either be online for FREE or all profits I will donate to something worthwhile like Children's Cancer Society, which makes it then worthwhile buying it for people that care about children, who are our future.

    So when it's mixed, I'll post a link :)
  7. BaSsDuDe

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    Thank you very much for that, I am glad you enjoyed it because enjoyed making it :)
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