Windows 7/10 - FLS Slot Limitation VST plugin

Discussion in 'PC' started by bluerover, Apr 13, 2018.

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    I'm sure that most of us who use Windows 7,8,10 are aware of the FLS Slot (Fiber Local Storage Slot) limitation which limits the number of "unique" plug-ins that can be loaded before you just can't load anymore, regardless of CPU capacity, etc.. (click link below for full explanation)

    Anyway, tonight I ran across a VST plug-in that can monitor how many FLS slots are being used by your system at any given time (*sigh* ..uses 1 FLS slot by itself). I have not tested this yet, so comments about compatibility and user experience would benefit AS and the casual googling stranger who happens upon this thread.

    "FLS Checker" - VST2/VST3 x64 (free) - released : 25 Mar 2018, go out day n' make daddy a hit. Im'a take-a nap.
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    Hey I just read MS is fixing this issue.
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