Why is UAD-2 “unbridgeable”? (No, seriously)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Hoppe, Jan 10, 2019.

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    As far as I understand it, and I'm quite technically versed, you can't simply make the UA plugins work with our x86/AMD64 CPUs because they use UA's FPGA DSP CPU for processing. It's kinda like asking why Windows plugins don't work in Linux, even more so. It would be easier to make Windows plugins work in Linux, than to make something written for a different architecture work on a standard x86/AMD64 CPU. It's a pretty good protection scheme, indeed. :wink:

    In theory, one way to crack UA plugins and make them work on standard CPUs, you would have to steal the source code from UA developers and compile it with one of the C++ compilers that compiles the code for x86/AMD64 CPUs. It is not a straightforward process, though. You would have to be a good C++ programmer to be able to do that. I'm also just assuming they were written in C++. It's the most probable computer language they used.

    The easiest way to crack UA plugins would be to make an identical card, or just buy one [they are not that expensive], and crack their plugins on the PC/Mac side, so you don't have to pay for them. :wink: If someone cracked their plugins to work without any authorisation, I would buy a card and use them... :)

    It is a pretty ingenious scheme they devised... :wink:
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    Compared to prices of some DAWs and VSTs, UAD plugins are (imo) way too expensive for what they give in return. They would be too expensive even if one wouldn't have to pay for their super expensive dongle. I own one of their more expensive cards and a number of plugins but I remain unimpressed, again only in the context of what they offer for the price today. Some happy UAD users would eat me alive when I share such opinions but I guess it is to be expected when somebody is so happy nowadays, one has to go to war over every opinion 'cause opposing opinions are hate speech, aren't they?

    Anyway I'd be quite happy to see Robin Hood opening protection for owners of UAD DSP cards.

    I am glad OP started this topic, it is an interesting subject even in its hypothetical form and it would be nice if those that aren't interested in any particular or "out of the box" subject could just glance over it, join a topic they approve off or take a break from computer screen so that those who appreciate the subject could have at it.