Why clubs/festivals usually have 2 consoles?

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    Thank you, I am always more than happy to explain myself if probed, I do not believe questioning is a negative when something seems odd, out of place. It helps the person (In this case me) see their initial error for a start.
    So please do not change whatever makes you, Well You! We need as many free thinking individuals with all their quirks, opinions and voices we can get the way society is being turned into a sanitized, politically correct dystopia.
    The "arts" are really one of few areas that are "allowed" to utilize social commentary to push back.
    Comedians are the frontline but so many of them have really been Saul Alinsky'd or joined the cult.
    It pains me to say it as a non-authoritarian libertarian that naturally leans left on many areas that certain elements on the left have taken things way to far.
    What was once the place held by people like Tipper Gore on the total opposite wing of the old school type Christian conservative right from the 80's through to the early 90s, Nowadays is the exact same place held by the speech policing SJW leftists.
    They have arrived at the exact same place just using very different deeply flawed reasoning and bad arguments.
    However that is not as important as the mere fact that they are in such a position!

    A quick flashback for context:

    I do not think finding similar being carried out these days by the leftist elements requires a link as YouTube along with all other social media is saturated with the stuff causing concern, Just music AFAIK so far has yet to be told to censor itself, However it'll come the way things are headed. Although I do have a couple of examples I can recall when the 3rd wave cult of Feminism galloping around using the usual cultural Marxism tactics attempted to go for Metal fans FWIW:

    I do hope that makes sense even though it is not exactly OP related. I do not get offended by other people as offence is taken, Not given.
    Saying sorry/apologizing in nothing but good faith does not ever appease those I speak of hence my reason for imploring you and everyone else here to always just be who you are with no apologies. We are not immune to falling into such traps or even worse we are forced into it.
    I'm sorry if I sound like I'm trying to get all up on a :scrapbox: and perhaps due to my concerns, I ought to create a dedicated thread for this topic. I'm not a cynical, negative type of person but I am worried about our freedoms will be increasingly encroached upon.
    I do hope that I'm wrong. Nevertheless I still stand by everything said not pertaining to the way the leftists are headed about being unapologetically You with all your quirks and I promise to always offer the same my friend :cheers:

    Thanks for taking the time to hear me out, Much appreciated.

    Dean > Antikult
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