Where do Yakuro and Yellow Brick Cinema get their pads?

Discussion in 'Working with Sound' started by ulrichburke, Aug 14, 2021.

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    Dear Anyone.

    I'm a disabled wannabe New Age-y composer who needs help finding/creating/Making Exist Cos He's No Idea How THey Do Them(!!) New Agey-pad sounds.

    Ideally - but don't stick to this - if they're presets I'd LURVE them to be 32-bit because I've got 32-bit disability software - the guy who made it never updated it. But I've got JBRIDGE which is supposed to let you run 64-bit in a 32-bit environment, haven't tried it yet cos I don't know what to try it WITH. Right!

    That's Yakuro. I'd LURVE to have his kind of backing sounds - I don't know if they're presets, or overlaid sounds or what they are but I'd love some clues as to how he makes them - that quality cos I wanna put my tracks on YouTube too!

    Yellow Brick Cinema, this lot, pad central. Again - I've got zero idea how they do them. I've got some money to spend on stuff but I don't know what to use it for. If there's a way of creating those quality sounds without spending megabucks of course I'd take it like anything. If there's a technique of creating those kind and quality of sounds from sounds I might have already, I'm up for learning. I'm a beginner really, all the synth VSTs I've downloaded are bleep-bleep-bloop-bloop, I've no idea how to go from sine/saw waves to Yellow Brick Cinema sounds. Not saying I WANT to start from scratch, I'm happy using presets.... Last bit.

    I understand the theory of 'multis' - sounds stuck together in a VST, usually a multitimbral one, and saved as One Preset. So you've got - say - 8 individual sounds making up One Multi Preset. I've got the Korg M1 Emulator, that's how I understand that theory, but I can't get anywhere near Yellow Brick Cinema sound quality with it. But its advantage is - a preset might have parts of the sound that get in the way of the rest of the piece, so you're always EQ'ing them out. If you're building a multi, you can leave out the sounds you don't need so everything jigsaw-puzzles in together. I can't create my own sounds-from-scratch in the M1 but I don't really have to - they've got all the building blocks there and you can just mix'n'match them. Which to me is awesome. I just wish the end results could be Yellow Brick Cinema/Yakuro/Karunesh quality.

    Will follow/try out all advice!

    Yours respectfully

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    Which digital audio workstation do you use? There are Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, FL Studio etc.! Which operating system are you using? Tell me a little more about your hardware, etc. so that we can recommend something to you better.

    HG Fortune - Nearly Forgotten Gems - Pro versions now Freeware!
    AlgoMusic - Now Freeware - M42 Nebula, M51 Galaxy, CZynthia

    Have you already tried the "Spectrasonics - Omnisphere"? www.spectrasonics.net/products/omnisphere/index.php

    Introducing Omnisphere 2.5

    Should I buy it? - Spectrasonics Omnisphere | Beat Lab
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    OK listen mate, its not that difficult
    this is the most important one, that will help you find your sounds anywhere in the Synth- Sample world!

    Attack .Decay. Sustain. Release

    Watch and you wuill understand why

    sometimes not all of those will be available
    or they could have slight different names
    But they can and do control "2" things
    Sound aka VCO(sound generators i.e Oscillators) & Samples

    They also (can)control FX or LFOs
    for instance

    You could controll when, after you start the sound, it starts to (FX)Distort, (FX)filter or (LFO)wobble
    Imagin you have a car sound
    (A)It starts low, (D)gets slowly louder, (S)then drops of quick once it is(mentaly) past you
    FX (A)It starts Bass heavy, (D)Bass full, (S)Filter makes a high pass quick (because thats how physics work)

    it´ll make sense later on of not now:wink:

    And most Importantly, it only has to sound Like it does the things you want
    And Have Fun!!!
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