whats the best way to edit loops

Discussion in 'Live' started by davpat, May 8, 2013.

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    May 8, 2013
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    hello everyone this is my first post, i was wondering whats the best way top producers edit loops in ableton live
    thres three ways that i know of editing in arangemt, volume automition in clip view or chopping up to midi.
    for easyness ive been using the volume automation.?ive practiced a lott chopping up to midi put never finished a project doing so.
    so i just wanted to know whats most common done by top producers.thank you
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    May 4, 2013
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    Well I don't know but I guess each producer has it's own approach. Maybe they don't use Ableton as a DAW or maybe they use a sampler or 3rd party tool.
    Unless you're just curious (but I think your real question is 'how do I edit loops so I sound like a pro) I'd suggest you find a way that works the best for you. What someone thinks of as easy will be hell to another person.

    It sounds to me like you still need to get your feet wet. Volume automation is not really chopping up ;)
    However most common way would be to have a WAV-loop and then you cut it up as an audiofile. Use transients to detect the kick, snare, etc. then you can rearrange them or you might assign each section to keys on your keyboard then play 'live' for a minute or so then cut out the best parts.