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Discussion in 'Linux' started by Andrew, Dec 21, 2014.

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    Between worlds
    Hi there,
    my primary motivation for topic like this is to avoid linux-based forums.
    Linux is great OS! However its community, which you as a user partly rely on, is incredibly egoistic and socially filled with hatred for anything remotely related to Windows. That was one of the reasons why I hesitated so much before moving to Linux Mint. They can talk all day on how Windows are baaad and how linux is goood, but they never realize their dreamworld.
    The truth is, both OSes are useful for different tasks. Personally I run Mint in tripleboot configuration with Windows 7 and XP.

    OK, enough introduction let's get to it.
    The purpose of this thread is to help linux users run their software, be it through Wine or other means.


    Only 5.xx version will work in Wine, with limited functionality. The program cannot save files or record.
    You may experience a hang in which the program refuses to start. In that case, install Gecko addition to Wine :wink:

    iZotope RX3
    The software seems to be working fine, but it needs windows fonts copied to your .wine directory. No luck with RX4 so far, most likely thanks to iLok requirement.

    Works fine, slightly sluggish, but didn't expect any problems on my part.

    NI Kontakt
    Standalone works fine up to 5.3.1, VST not tested so far.
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    kontakt works also in VST with Ableton.

    you only need to use "playonlinux" to make a virtual windows,
    and use the same OS image root for all your music softs.

    idem for patching keygening(but not allways)

    you can hack the virtual regedit for native instruments libraries licenses.

    you can export .reg files from a working windows machine to paste in the linux XP image regedit.

    playonlinux seems to works better than wine directlly, you can also emulate the windows version used for the setup installer.

    all is not working, it need some tests.
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    The only problem with Linux is the latency if I use any kind of virtualization...

    It works for mixing, but it is impossible for me to get an acceptable live monitoring from any DAW.

    So sad that the developers don`t support it.
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