What lyric writing tools do you use?

Discussion in 'Education' started by The Teknomage, Nov 23, 2016.

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    What is this thing?

    I also found Pat Pattison's songwriting course at Berklee very useful, manipulating a stable/unstable lyric structure with a chord tone/non-chord tone melody is a powerful combination :)
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    Great reply, I don't use my phone as often as I did when I still worked (an hour or so drive each way) to save ideas that popped into my head, but I still use the pen/paper thing & save 'em for later...

    The technology we've got now is amazing, & I do use lots of different things to save my notes/scribbles to my computer like notepad & such...There's a vst track notepad that's pretty handy too, I use it for not only my lyrics, but I jot down ideas for the production, things I think the mix might need, what was used on a certain track (IE: which guitar, amp, speaker, mic, etc), & about anything I might need to remember, but might forget if I didn't use it...

    Not sure what daw you're using, but using Reaper, you can insert images/pictures that will show up in the timeline, & there are scripts/actions to even have the images/lyrics/whatever scroll across the screen while your song is playing/recording...

    IMO, there's no wrong/right way to do any of this, it just comes down to the individual...
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