What is your "go to" library for Full Ensemble Orchestral Pads?

Discussion in 'Genre Specific Production' started by tooloud, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Due to Kontakt content overload I am now spoiled for choice when I just need a simple rich bed for orchestration. Lately there have been huge improvements in solo instruments, but I seem to have forgotten where I used to go to find those ensemble sounds that sit perfectly in an orchestral mix.
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    Impact Soundworks Rhapsody: Orchestral Colors has full tweakable beds, but not near the quality of some of the other big separate ensemble libs. But real easy to sketch it out and get something going quickly. Much smaller in size as well. This lib doesnt have any percussion in it either. Their orchestral percussion lib is a separate product. I use it to build orchestral stabs in my EDM productions all the time.
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    Spitfire Albion One.
  5. 23322332

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    What is "simple rich bed for orchestration"?
    There is no sound that sits "perfectly in the mix" - these libraries are recorded in different halls, mic positions, ensemble sizes, orchestral combinations...
    Check developers like Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, Cinesamples, Project Sam. They all offer different pre-orchestrated ensembles.
    Sonokinetic have loops and cliche phrase libraries for different cinematic styles.
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