What DJ gear would you recommend?

Discussion in 'DJ equipment' started by Bunford, Jun 12, 2020.

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    I have had a 20 year history with DJing drifting in an out of it since my first ever set of belt driven cheapo Numark decks and mixer. I am again drifting back into it, and looking for some gear advice.

    I will mainly just be DJing for personal pleasure at home, but wouldn’t necessarily rule out DJing live in the future maybe. For that reason, though it’s only a small chance, I would probably rather go the Pioneer route for familiarity should I ever get into a venue to DJ.

    I am also wanting to spend as little as possible, just cos it’ll mainly be an at home hobby for myself. My thoughts are:

    1. Buy something like a Pioneer DDJ-400 to use with my laptop and Rekordbox; or

    2. Buy some cheaper older Pioneer gear, like a pair of Pioneer CDJ1000’s and a mixer.

    Which route would you guys go down? From looking around, I can probably achieve either option for about £250-350 ish with the CDJs selling for next to nothing now in some places.

    Grateful for any constructive advice and opinions (and no Rekordbox vs Serato fanboy war)!
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    optical mouse & laptop
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