Weird Plugin Disables

Discussion in 'PC' started by reziduchamp, Jun 3, 2022.

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    I save my tracks as an evolving track, so the next track keeps a lot of the same settings.

    Somehow some of the plugins lose settings and stop working during the saves.

    Sometimes the plugins still work, but the graphics don't, so you can't see input levels going through or needles moving etc, but sometimes they are just disabled. The plugins will work again on a clean track.

    I'm using Ableton. When I import tracks from an ALS save some of the mappings get lost, like Macros assignments, which go from minimum 0.00 to maximum 0.00 (so that it has no range). It happens on some plugins but not others. Its easy to repair this by double clicking on all the max, which sets it to 1.00 (maximum) but its a lot of work each time.

    This behaviour might be related. It looks like similar plugins causing issues.

    Anybody know what is happening here and any simple solution? I have a feeling that one track might have had some junk MIDI data at some point and when I import that track it poisons all the tracks. I might have imported from Cubase at some point which might also explain some corruption.
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