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    I made a post similar to this probably in the wrong section, I didn't see it this one so if a mod sees this I'm sorry lol. At the end of this post I'll have some free SEO resources for you guys. Just free tools that can help you improve your SEO viability.

    I would like to offer my tech skills to my audiophilia-inflicted brethren. I worked in the tech industry, right out of high I was hired and paid to learn PHP and develop scripts for a small software broker. I've always had a real affinity for technology, so I literally design and develop stuff for fun. I've also spent a CONSIDERABLE amount of time checking out open source options for web "stuff" as I've got a real interest in web applications probably because of the PHP in my history. Being that I do this stuff as a hobby, I have a couple private servers and so I can offer a very limited amount of hosting but fear no because I can get the hook on some good rates.

    Examples of things I can do:

    - Private Nextcloud Server:
    So i have a private Nextcloud server, that gives me about 50gb of remote storage, and a full suite of online office applications. The way I do these is on a private VPS that no one but you has access to and we (I but I dont mind if people want to have a mutual remote session and watch) set the box up and nextcloud up and them customize to suite your needs. Nextcloud is HIPAA compliant, it also has an option end-to-end encryption of your files. Plus a whole host of productivity tools you will have access to from anywhere in the world. Android/iOS support is there so there is official apps for both of them to sync files, access remote notes, etc.

    I have my music on there, and my resume. I can share files from from internet explorer just by right clicking and Sharing them in the nextcloud portion of the context menu, etc. It's awesome its basically a private Google cloud that is super convenient and inexpensive!!!!

    Message me for a tour of my private cloud and I'll hook you up

    - WordPress
    I've spent a lot of time with WordPress and I'm pretty good with it, with no licensing costs its a great option for dynamic multifunction websites. I can also provide a kind of management for you, so that its always up to date and secure.

    - Private VPN Servers

    So I use public transportation a lot and with it, the wifi. I got myself a small VPS in Romania and setup wireshark and use it when I'm in public. You'll be able to create VPN tunnels for any friend or family member you want, it will be your VPN for a year (more if you want to renew) and you'll have a web interface thats very simple and easy to add people, it will be protected by Authelia and 2 Factor Authentication.

    Plus much more. It's really hard to list it all without me going into info-dump land, but with any of my work I guarantee satisfaction, and I don't expect to be paid a dime if anyone isn't happy. I don't need money to work, or host, or any of that. You would have to buy a domain, if you wanted one - its not a requirement I have a domain that we can setup subdomains as a cool thing to do for folks.

    I will do my best to give fixed pricing for things to make stuff simple. I like to be fair, so I hate pricing work without knowing the scope, but $20 to $100 would cover average jobs. That includes hosting for a year! If anyone is interested just DM me and we can go from there!

    Thanks for reading this all the way! So https://seostudio.aftenix.com is my site, its a set of tools to help website owners find information that is useful when working on your search engine standings. This is designed to be SaaS but I don't charge at all. So use them and tell your friends (LOL)