Waves 11 and Cakewalk by Bandlab.

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    I am using Cakewalk by BandLab as DAW on Win10.
    After downloaded the latest "Waves Complete v11 08.09.20", I picked and installed “Mercury” only then patched and reboot the PC.
    After reboot when Cakewalk is started it automatically detects installed plug-ins.
    Strange thing is that all plug-ins in VST2 (**.dll) are recognized without any problem but "some" of vst3 (**.vst3) plugins are not recognized such as RCompressor, CLA MixHub, Brauor motion, etc..
    Most of vst3s are OK.
    I noticed that such plug-ins are being contained under “waveshell9-vst3 11.0_×64.vst3”.
    However FL studio can find all plugins in both vst3 and vst2 no problem.
    Older version of "Waves Complete v11 xx.xx.2000" have similar symptom.

    Does anyone have similar experience and know how to fix such issue on Cakewalk?
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