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    TL;DR - Looking to make some trap city / monstercat type of visuals for playlisting songs. AfterEffects is too much time consuming work for us since we're mostly specializing on Music Production only. Lokoing for alternative suggestions. Thanks.

    Hey guys, so I'm working on a new YouTube channel tasked for me to do in which we will be playlisting local songs. Our vision is to have something like what monstercat and trap city does, which there would be a type of visual EQ and other elements that reacts to music.

    Initially I have tried to do it myself in AfterEffects. However, it consumes a lot of my time since I'm no expert at this and I literally had to go and watch tutorials every time I want to do something. And as of our budget, outsourcing the task or hiring another one for the task is not yet viable.

    Instead, I'm looking for alternative ways of doing so. In terms of any other software methods where we could still use our own image sources. This could be either by other PC softwares or to the extent of even using mobile apps for desperate measures. Looking forward to your suggestions. Thank you.
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