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    Here is a surprise release you, because our TZH100 VA - Tzinah Family it's not really what you would think it should be! For our first hundred release celebration we have selected some really good old gems that we kept secret so far, to make a not so common Various Artist release. We present you six special tracks selected from our beloved family members Little Hado, Primarie, Adrianho, vlf, Libe, Alex Rusu, Jozhy K, and Arseniu. This is the story of our official first hundred release, VA - Tzinah Family, from Tzinah with Love.

    VA - Tzinah Family [TZH100] incl. Little Hado, Primarie, Adrianho, vlf, Libe, Alex Rusu, Jozhy K, and Arseniu is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Tania Vulcano, Deaf Pillow, Jorge Savoretti, Randall M, Faster, Vincent Casanova, Olivian Nour, Suolo, Miroloja, Alessio Collina, Ida Daugaard and many more! Thank you!

    Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
    Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
    Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
    Tania Vulcano: xoana one of my favourite but they all sound good. Thanks for the music,,
    Janina: very nice VA
    Deaf Pillow: Great V/A !! Will play all the tracks, thanks!
    Jorge Savoretti: liking Jurus the most but all good!
    Randall M: Nice tracks! Favorite is O Alta Galaxie, thanks for sending
    Faster: Very nice compilation, thank you!
    Vincent Casanova: Blazing release back on the deep tip, overflowing with gems!
    Olivian Nour: Thanks for the music!
    Suolo: nice va. thanks for sending
    Miroloja: Nice release thanks !
    Alessio Collina: Adrianho's track is super dope! will play, thx
    Ida Daugaard: Thank you
    vlf: lovely EP
    Primarie: yammmmmyyyyyyy
    Adrianho: Very nice VA glad to be on the label again, hugs !
    Arseniu: thank u
    Miroloja: nice release ! vlf , primarie , adrianho for us :))
    Bvoice: Bvoice
    Josh Wicks: 10/10
    Alex Rusu: Thanks!
    incolor: Thanks
    Scopter: Will play, thanks!
    German Luque: NICE VA! Thank You!
    Saboar: Very nice collection! Thank you!
    Petar Milicevic: Quality vibes as always! Arseniu is my fav there
    Costin Rp: thanks
    Petit Batou: Really nice pack! Jurus, Dint-O Alata Galaxie & Static for me many thanks!
    Dragutesku: Multumesc frumos!
    Daniel Broesecke: All tracks are very good!
    Exander: Feels like home is nice .
    Cheise: Thanks! Nice
    Petar Cvetkovic: thank you
    iON: Nice va
    Crescent: great work - vlf xoana best for me - thnx
    Gorbani: very nice release. thanks. Will play!
    GhostHorse: Amazing VA!
    This Moment On: Thanks. Full support, TMO.
    Rods Novaes: cool va! thanks guys! congrats!
    Riciar Ghir: Undeoare for me, thanks for the music :)
    Kike Mayor: Great VA, All tracks are great!
    Seia: xoana, undeoare, o alta galaxie are great for me !
    Cossmos: I love all the tracks
    Steve: Undeoare, my kind of jam! Supporting!
    Kirsty Sharpe: I really love the Arseniu its really beautiful. I also like the Primarie track and Jurus. Thanks :)
    Jason Hodges: Lovin' the bounce on these!
    Sergej P: thanks
    Petyt: gut!
    Nici Frida: big! thanks
    Sossa: cool
    Razban: Thanks
    Patraulea: always great quality
    Andrea Speed: Adrianho vlf arseniu for me! very good release!
    Clara Da Costa: Hard to pick a favourite, great bunch of tunes. Will support on Jack's House, Ibiza Global Radio
    Chrivu: nice, thanks!
    Demika: Nice one! Jurus is my favourite
    Osvit: Cool VA
    Jack Cheler: very nice
    Alesse Kosso: great release ! thank you !
    Pawlo Tojeda: nice sound friends, thank you for this beauty ;-) full support
    Lurre: Well done, una grande famiglia di Tzinah Records, un ep de top. Full support!
    Podime: Congrats on the 100 release, Tzinah has been one of my favorite labels for long time. Keep on going!
    Pierre C: Shouts out to vlf, proper vibes !
    Kristijan S: congrats on the 100th release! keep up!
    Nino (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso

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