UVI Austrian Grand Review and Demo - Sampled Bösendorfer 280VC

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    Austrian Grand Demo

    Billed as the ultimate concert grand, the Austrian Grand is renowned for its rich sound and exemplary dynamics. Deeply multi-sampled at the Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris, painstakingly balanced, and lovingly optimized through collaborative feedback with concert pianists, our Austrian Grand delivers the pure sound of a majestic and effortlessly beautiful piano in a world-class studio. Through a comprehensive and meticulous recording process we are able to deliver an extraordinarily natural playing experience allowing expression across the full dynamic range, from the softest kiss of the high C to thundering hammers of the low A, and the infinite multitude of paths traveled between.

    PluginBoutique: https://www.pluginboutique.com/?a_aid=5c10a674bb2d9
    PluginFox: https://pluginfox.co/?aff=udi
    SoundGym: https://www.soundgym.co?aff=9018
    ToneGym: https://www.tonegym.co/?aff=8002
    Waves Audio: https://waves.7eer.net/7abor
    UJAM: https://www.ujam.com/?a_aid=udiaudio
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