Using Live For Live Backing Tracks with Band

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    Hello. I'm using Ableton Live to play my backing tracks live with my band. I've been importing 24 Bit Stereo .wav files but somehow suddenly we started to get hard disk overload error when we were playing live, I mean the orange red "D" in the top-right corner. I decreased my 24 Bit tracks to 16 Bit. Increased buffer size to 1024(maximum). But we still get audio dropouts.

    We don't play more than one tracks simultaneously. We don't use any plug-ins or automations. All we do from Ableton is playing and adjusting the gain from sample settings. As shown in the picture.

    Our laptop is an ASUS with i3. 4 GB Ram, 5400 RPM HDD.