UAC 'User Account Controls' - Keeps Auto-Shifting Notify Levels - SOLVED

Discussion in 'PC' started by Cardamom, May 5, 2018.

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    Nightmare (for a control fanatic, re PC invasive security measures).

    You know when you go to open a 'questionable file' or install something new you get the UAC warning 'This file could be harmful to your computer ... yada-yada-yada' thing?

    In the past, PC users have been able to 'Set it and Forget It' - turn it off and it STAYED off.

    After trying to figure out if I uninstalled something wrong, or if Malwarebytes was behind the Defcon Security Level uppage, I figured it out. WINDOWS DEFENDER. If you use a program like Yamicsoft's Windows 10 Manger, in the first 'SECURITY' button option, you can literally turn DEFENDER off - like, REALLY off. When you do this? It no longer sneaks in and ups that level by one degree ... just to mess with your installs and whatnot.

    Hope this helps. Madness has ended.

    Thank God!