TZH172 // Efik - Purify Your Soul EP incl. Vincent Casanova

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    Somehow, in a mysterious way, as it is his way too, mr. Efik signaled our attention with his own personal releases and this led to us wanting to hear more from this musical spirit of Panama. Something really beautiful must be there as we now have another artist from this area in our team of lightworkers. To make this really go around we hooked up with our top remixer and brother of our family Vincent Casanova. This is the story of Efik's Purify Your Soul EP, including Vincent Casanova from Tzinah with Love.
    All our tracks, since eight years ago, are mastered by Silat Beksi.
    Efik - Purify Your Soul EP [TZH172] incl. Vincent Casanova is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Jorge Savoretti, Viceversa, Primarie, Ted Amber, Jacobo Saavedra, Michel de Hey, Vern, Mike.D, vlf, Direkt, Suolo, Petit Batou, Los Bastoneros, Sossa, Sebastian Eric and many more! Thank you!
    richie hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
    PACO OSUNA: Will try thanks ;)
    joseph capriati:downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
    marco carola: " downloading for Marco Carola, thanks"
    Jorge Savoretti: "Love Vincent's remix... dreamy!"
    viceversa: thanks :)
    Primarie: Top top top EP and remix
    Ted Amber: Dope EP! Thank YOu
    Jacobo Saavedra: Nice EP, Cygnus for me
    michel de hey: smooth stuff, many thanks!!
    Vern: Thanks Tzinah , good release!
    Mike.D: amazing
    vlf: nice one
    Direkt: Cygnus for me, thx!
    Suolo: Cygnus for me. thanks
    Petit Batou: nice vibe here ! thanks !
    Los Bastoneros: thanks
    sossa: cool
    Sebastian Eric: " niceee ! thanks"
    lucide: Great release, thank you!
    Vakru: Thanks for a great music gonna play this on my next gigs
    Vesy: amazing ep
    fiL: very nice realease
    Flavius: lovely
    Mihut: thanks
    AGELESS: nice one
    Andrei Voica: Great ep!
    Adroit: Thank you!
    jack cheler: tks guys
    GhostHorse: Thanks
    danielle nicole: lovely
    Gri: Nice EP. Thank you!
    arthus: Purify Your Soul (Original Mix) is a bang of the EP
    Doubleight: Haven't heard about Efik before. Now I'll be following this guy's music. Vincent delivers good vibes as always. Thank you!
    Objectif: Nice tracks !
    Spiri:tual: Cygnus really good
    Andrei Voica: " Great ep!"
    Adroit: " Thank you!"
    jack cheler: " tks guys"
    hari: " top"
    Vygo: " Spacey tracks! Thank you!"
    pawlo tojeda: " nice release many thx"
    Pierre C: " thanks!"
    He Did: " thanks, nice music"
    Lurre: " Nice EP, thanks for the promo!"
    Jemmi: " Lisergico & Vincent Casanova Remix are great !"
    danielle nicole: " lovely, thank you !"
    Origins Of Time: " really niiice !"
    Adrianho: " thanks"