[Tuts] How to convert CAF (Logic Loops) to WAV for REAPER, CUBASE etc.

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    Howdy everyone,

    i just found a way to convert audio loops from Logic (CAF) into WAV so you can use it in REAPER, CUBASE etc. And i hope it's a good share for all of you (sorry for my english)
    Take note that I am on a bootcamp mode so i could access other drive easily by using Paragon HFS+ software. or you can use external drive to copy the logic's audio loop first and plug it in.

    Steps :
    1. Download free format factory software from here
    and install it (beware of the toolbar, just skip it)
    2. Run the Format factory
    3. Open the apple audio loops folder (in mac it is in Library\Audio\Apple Loops\Apple)
    4. Choose a folder and open it
    5. Select all files in the folder and drag it to the format factory window
    6. Another window will pop up and asks you which format that you want to convert, choose audio and wav and select the setting into the highest quality (or you can customise it).
    7. Select the output folder (Make new folder and rename it as you wish)
    8. Click OK and Start the conversion process (1k file size will not be converted)
    9. Voila and you're done ..

    in pictures :

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