Triggering midi arp on 2 different pads for live perf?

Discussion in 'Soundgear' started by davea, Mar 25, 2023.

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    Hi ev',

    I'm a new lucky MPC live MK II user and working hard these days to program and prepare the mpc for live shows. I'm strugglin' on one point here:

    Let say I've an arpeggio which is working on 4 bars. So wrote the corresponding notes to the grid for a mpc plug-ins synth to play it. Here nothing hard.

    But let say, the famous arp have to change 2 notes at some point in the song. So I wrote an other midi notes
    to another midi pattern with the same synth sound.

    Now I need to play these two pattern via 2 pads, pad 1 pad 2 for example. Like so, I could trigger the corresponding arp pattern via a pad during the song when I want . The program is set on the bpm suit the song of course.

    But here I can't find the way to "copy past" the pattern A to pad 1, and pattern B (same pattern as A but with slight changes on 2 notes) on pad 2.

    Someone can enlighten me on this? A YT vid? I've search for days without success yet.