Toneforge: Misha Mansoor Limited Edition

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    Amp Features:

    Insane amounts of detail control like Harmonics, Compression, Saturation. "Purr" and more for crafting your own signature tone.

    Three Channel Amp:

    With unique "infinity" gain knob that morphs the tone stack in levels as you increase the gain.

    Built in virtual model of Horizon Devices Precision Drive Pedal

    JST Matched Cab:

    A perfectly pair set of cabs to match each amp mode.
    Curated by Joey Sturgis.

    Robust Cab Room:

    Including a private selection of Mishas speaker and cab collection and built-in IR loader for external Impulse Responses.

    Three incredible effects pedals:


    Developed to Misha's exacting standards.

    We'll include "Beast Mode Bundle":
    a bad-ass set of 29 unreleased add-on Impulse Responses that will take your tones to the next-level!

    These work with any Impulse Loader and they'll pair perfectly with TFMM too!

    These IRs were crafted and pre-mixed by Joey Sturgis for creating BEASTLY tones that absolutely CRUSH.

    You'll also get our comprehensive "Mastering Impulse Responses" guide and our "Ultimate Tone Bible" e-books all as an instant download.

    In the Studio with Misha Mansoor:

    EXCLUSIVE video series with Joey and Misha showing you how to get the most out of the Toneforge Misha Mansoor plugin (emailed to you soon after release).

    Misha + Joey = Love (MJL Preset Pack): special edition preset pack made by Misha and Joey with love, JUST FOR YOU! (emailed to you soon after release).

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