ToneBoosters released ReelBus 4

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      • Faithful tape simulation unit
      • Unique 'Drive EQ' feature
      • W&F simulation
      • Easy to use, scalable interface
      • 32-384 kHz sample rate
      • Tape flanger and echo
      • Hysteresis adjustment
      • Tape stop simulation
      • VST, VST3, and AU format
    • 16-channel support (VST3, AU)

    With ReelBus 4, ToneBoosters has taken up its heritage of ReelBus 3 and Ferox, our acclaimed tape simulator plug-ins, and created ReelBus 4 from the ground up. We have further improved our tape simulation algorithms, and added various new effects for more creative use of ReelBus, for example the all-new tape 'wear' option that can simulate various degrees of tape damage. Last but not least, tape speed can now be varied continuously from 3.75 to 30 IPS and anything in-between, without zipper noises.


    New features for ReelBus 4 include tape flanging and echo effects. These modules surpas conventional echo and flanging modules that do not have an integrated tape model. As a result, flanging and echos have considerably more character with ReelBus 4. Furthermore a configurable 'tape stop' effect has been integrated as well!


    A unique feature of ReelBus 4 is its Drive EQ. This module looks like an equalizer with shelving and peaking filters. The EQ determines how hard each frequency is driven into tape saturation. This gives unprecedented control over harmonic enhancement through saturation. For example, it allows to drive a kick drum quite heavily while only subtly processing snare and hihat in a drum track.


    In essence, the Drive EQ is similar to pre and post emphasis. In fact the Drive EQ is applied on top of the existing pre and post emphasis that is an integral part of the ReelBus 4 tape simulation algorithms. Adjustment of the pre and post emphasis allows for more control as well as creative effects.

    ReelBus 4

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