Tone Empire’s “mystical” Loc-Ness drum processing plugin is definitely real

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    Tone Empire is going deep into the world of drum processing with Loc-Ness, a new “mystical” plugin that promises to give you the controls you need to hone your percussion sounds.


    Not just a compressor or EQ, we’re told, this can be put to work on individual hits, the room sound and the entire drum bus. The Crust and Smash controls can be used to dial in saturation and limiting respectively, while the low- and high-cut filters enable you to focus in on the frequency bands that you want to process. There are also Wet and Dry controls, and you can attenuate the master balance of wet and dry with the Trim control.

    Find out more on the Tone Empire website, where Loc-Ness can currently be purchased for $49 in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac. You can also download a demo.​
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