this instrument belongs to a library that is not installed

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    Hey all! I know this has been mentioned a lot, but I can't seem to find a solution in any thread. I want to know if there is fix that applies to this problem with any kontakt instrument. I'm having a problem with a few kontakt instruments. Some have the NICNT file in the folder containing the Instruments folder, some don't. I'm just wondering if there is one way to fix this issue that will work for most Kontakt instruments that keep giving the pop-up "this instrument belongs to a library that is not installed".

    I love when you can just drop them in to Kontakt and they load up, I wish I knew had to fix this problem of when they don't load right up and give that error. Do I just move the NICNT file somewhere? Delete reg files? I hope this post can be an end all to this issue, thanks so much!

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    The fix is: you must read the threads that discuss this issue.
    If you have read just a few of those threads, you would know that the answers depend on the system you use (mac or windows), the version you have, the Kontakt instrument you try to load etc.
    Once again, you must read the suggestions instead of improvising other things like "just drop them into Kontakt and load up". Nobody has ever suggested that!
    From those threads you would also understand the difference between libraries (that you must add in Kontakt to be able to load) and individual instrument patches that you can just load from the Files tab (or from Quick-load panel).
    Also, the environment where you try to add libraries in Kontakt, have you messed it up before with other attempts (using the same SNPID numbers)?
    All of these have already been broadly discussed here.
    And you didn't even say what you did before getting this alert message. So, how could anyone help you?
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    I had the same problem saying the same error than yours (“this instrument belongs”...).The problem was because my library was using the same SPNID from another library. You can edit it opening the NICNT file.

    Actually I have registry of all the SPNIDS that I used “manually” because the library doesn’t came with the NICNT file and then I created a new one.

    After all I ended deleted a lot of libraries that I was not using to have a better control.

    I’m on mac but if you are on Win as I know there are some tools for creating the NICNT files.

    Just remember to use the remove library button from kontakt (not your hard disk) and then add it again. Also delete the xml file created.

    Sometimes you will need to relocate the samples of the library that used first that SPNID number before the new library.
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