The Mourning Path Shortfilm and OST

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    Hi all,
    I just want to present my latest work:

    it's a shortfilm with dark ambient electronic soundtrack:

    "The Mourning Path" is an indipendent short movie realised by the Sardinian artists Mebitek and JeleRaus.
    It is the story, and the point of view, of a young woman, Kate, who experienced her greatest loss: her life - but also the loss of all those painful episodes which mark each and every existance - letting them go by facing them one last time.
    Her path to oblivion, strongly desired, is marked by the encounter with her most oppressive obsessions and sufferings, which are personified, anthropomorphised, a quintessence of desperation.
    The last Boss, exactly as inside a videogame, represents the Electra complex, not in a Freudian point of view, but mostly in a literary sense.
    In this work, identity - art - technology are inextricably intertwined: in fact the art medium used is technology itself, especially in the editing phase, in which this aspect played an essential role, without which the objective wouldn't have been reached.
    Here, identities represented by the artistic medium are more than one: the woman, seen as a daughter, as a protagonist, as a desperate and strong entity, but hopefully never stereotyped; the father, who is also represented in many different ways within the project; the entities and identities which personify everyone's life phases, framed in an unsettling but at the same time liberating scenography. But in a way it also represents a community of people's identity, whose shared imagines and beliefs shaped a collective imagination which can be represented and read in multiple ways.
    Therefore, this project is a manifestation of the union between identity - art - technology.

    feedbacksa re really welcome on both video and soundtrack
    regards from sardinia
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