The ' CZ V - Sound Research ' Soundset By Hel For The ' Arturia - CZ V ' Synthesizer

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    The ' CZ V - Sound Research ' Soundset By Hel For The ' Arturia - CZ V ' Synthesizer

    Hi Arturia - CZ V Software Synthesizer Users, Music makers, Artists and Aliens.
    The Synthi V of Arturia is a real surprise - Convincing operating
    concept, Fascinating modulation settings and very good sound.

    For me as a musician, Synthi V is an asset, It's fun to work with the
    CZ V and to be creative. The workflow and usability are a dream.
    The first Casio CZ synthesizer was released in 1984. Thanks
    to the Arturia development team for further development.

    This is an evolution of a synthesizer, from hardware to software.

    The ' CZ V - Sound Research ' Soundbank by Hel 2019 - Details

    - Inside the Download: 1 Soundbank " CZ V - Sound Research " by Hel with 88 Presets
    - Genres: Trance - New Wave - Electro - Industrial - Modern Synth Music
    - Styles: Arpeggios - Basses - Effects - Leads - Pads - Sequences
    - Format / File Size: Soundbank (*. SYNTX) / 11,7 MB
    - For: Arturia - Synthi V v1.0.1.2810 or newer
    - Release Date: June 2019
    - Price: Free - Gift

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