The Art of Rational Speaker Placement

Discussion in 'Education' started by kimikaze, May 15, 2016.

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    Well is not about music production, but i came across this video last night and find it very interesting. Is about how to place your speakers in room, so you get realistic soundstage, that can go way beyond speaker placement in all directions. Is interesting because he is not focusing on any placement parameter or known guide for speaker placement. He rather use simple logic about how he imagine band will be layed out in front of him. Is so simple and logical in the end, yet everybody seems to focusing on technicalities, but is just about proper pressurisation.
    Technique he use is successful, because it take into account room acoustic, your setup, practically everything in your room, so is not depend on those parameters. I have not possibilities to experimenting with this technique right now, but everyone else who have, go ahead.

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