The Abc Soundset by Abc Sound Design for the Unfiltered Audio - Lion VSTi

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    The Abc Soundset by ' Abc Sound Design ' for the ' Unfiltered Audio - Lion ' a Modular Virtual Synthesizer

    Many thanks to the Lion Synthesizer Team for the sound enhancement of hearing
    awareness using the latest computer technology - a product of the computer age!
    On a 4K Led monitor, all parameters, controls and font are very easy to
    read and use. The colored patch cables are intelligently thought out.
    The help windows for each pair parameter are also of great help.

    The ' Abc Presets for Lion ' Expansion ' By Abc Sound Design ' Details

    - Inside the Download: " Abc Presets for Lion " with 65 Presets
    - Genres: Trance - New Wave - Electro - Modern Synth Music
    - Styles: Bass - Keys - Leads - Pads - Sequences - Effects
    - Format / File Size: Presets (*. UAP ) 1,3 MB
    - 2 x Videos Install Help & Import Presets
    - For: Unfiltered Audio - Lion
    - Release Date: April 2020
    - Price: Free - Present

    Sonic Sirius - Synthesizer Soundsets
    Freeware Soundsets for Software and Hardware Synthesizer

    Royalty Free Soundset License
    All ' Sonic Sirius ' Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially in
    things like movies, games, and anything else you might need a cool
    sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.