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    Hi Foks,

    Would anybody outthere have a Bitwig Drum & Bass template to share?

    While I love drum & bass myself, a mate of mine is the more avid fan.
    He has a huge record collection of styles breakbeat/gabber/hardcore/and DN'B going back to 89 right through to 1999.
    Thousands of records on labels such as Moving Shadow..White House..Kemet..Reinforced..
    Metalheadz...Soapbar....Postion Chrome..Renegade Hardware..Goodlooking..etc..True Playerz..
    hundreds of white labels, you get the picture.

    In any case, while at this sitting around in a smoke filled room throwing one on the 1210 after another
    does have its merits...I am trying to get him into production, he has a serious ear for it, but reckons
    the whole production thing is too laborious, but at this stage I can't bear to listen to him talk about how he
    would tweak this bass this way or that while listening to a Nicky Blackmarket mix.

    We did mess around with Cubase back in the mid 90's..sample CDs & a Novation Bass Station were the order of the day, but it was access to a studio rather than owing the gear.

    I have tryed expaling the advances with plugins / softsynths / DAWs since. I have a copy of Bitwig
    on a spare i5 PC with a midi keyboard pair of monitors. Bitwig seems the more interface user friendly
    for someone dipping thier toe into production for the first time, hence why I am asking for a Bitwig temp.

    I also run Ableton on my own PC, but I even found that to be intial a bit confusing at first.
    That said if anybody has a good Ableton DN'B temp that would suffice.

    I have most major synths ...SynthMaster, Sylenth etc..its really just a song structure temp I need.
    Wherein the drum patterns can be easily switched out, audio lanes cut up.

    This man needs to vent 20+ years of senario beats trapped in his brain.

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