Synths don't react to modweel

Discussion in 'Instruments' started by Triple, Oct 31, 2017.

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    1) I'm on FL Studio 10 (win 7) and I use Edirol PCR-50 midi keyboard.

    When I move modweel on the midi keyboard, synths like Diva, Omnisphere2 and other don't react (and I know that a given Diva or Omni preset has modweel assignments)

    What settings should I check to make the synths react to my midi keyboard's modweel?

    2) When I don't have any midi controller connected, and I have a preset for Diva or Omnisphere2 (author of which said that this preset has modweel assigned), can I use some "virtual modweel" inside FL Studio?
    (and possibly automate it in the same way as if I'd write automation with a modweel on a hardware midi controller ?)

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    1) Did you check Midi input detection?

    2) Yep, should work wirh Fruity Keyboard Controller. Did you try and fail?
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    Hi try this,
    Open any 3'ed party plugin in fl studio,
    Click on the triangle top left next to the gear icon on the wrapper
    and look for ( make editor thumbnail ) from the drop-down menu.

    Click on it and you should now see a thumb-nail of the plugin in the fl browser window
    Click on the new thumb-nail and this will open a drop-down list of all midi settings for that plugin,

    Scroll down the list till you find what you want to connect to your midi keyboard
    ie. midi cc #1 modulation wheel or just mod wheel,
    Right click on the settings name and chouse link to controller from the drop-down list,
    you then need to move the mod wheel on your keyboard frist with-out pressing or moveing anything elace
    and it should be connected.
    you can also chouse create automation clip from the same drop-down list
    for when you don't have a keyboard or just want to mess around with any settings.

    You should now save the plugin settings so you don't have to do this again .
    To do this click on the triangle, top left again on the wrapper and chouse, add to plugin database or save channel state as....

    Any time you reopen any plugins from either of these saved files after saving the settings
    the plugins should be set-up to work with your keyboard.:wink:

    A other way is to look on the toolbar for a noob ,multilink to controller
    click it,then move the mod wheel on the plugin with your mouse
    and then move the mod wheel on your keyboard ,
    This works ok in fl 12.5 with 3rd party plugins ,but not sure if it worked well in fl 10.
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  5. LUTS

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    Use override generic link on the midi cc1 and use the modwheel when the plugin is opened and focussed. If midi cc1 doesn't move then use the modwheel parameter that some plugins have. If you use override generic then it'll work for all plugins with modwheels.
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