Synth (?) lead in Sonata Arctica's FullMoon

Discussion in 'how to make "that" sound' started by Xeraser, Nov 4, 2021.

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    Japari Park
    I'm trying to figure out what this synth-like kind of lead is on my favorite Sonata Arctica song but I genuinely can't figure out how to recreate it even though it's probably really simple. I'm trying it on Due 3 right now (even though I'm gonna recreate it on my Motif XF later) with a square wave but I don't know where to go from there lol it's my first time delving into actual sound creation and not just tweaking/modifying presets

    Lead's in the solo at 3:45, I tried embedding it with the proper timestamp with the media tags but it doesn't work

    I know it's some kind of lead from some portable synth since I've seen the keyboardist on stage but I completely forgot to ask him when I had the chance to talk to them lol..
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    The sound is made up of multiple voices, I think at least a square and a +12 sine. Often a bit of distortion goes a long way with these kinds of sounds too.
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