Suggestions for quickly/effectively learning music theory?

Discussion in 'beginners corner' started by Peter Verity, Aug 22, 2016.

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    I'm in the same position as you, OP. I've been flapping my gums for a long ass time about wanting to learn music theory and I finally started to put my money where my mouth is recently. I had some lessons a while ago, so I understand the essentials of scales and chords, but not a whole lot else.

    Check out Michael New on Youtube as well. He does some good stuff that's just beyond absolute beginner difficulty, which is appropriate for my level of musical understanding.

    Me, I've been simply playing/practicing on the Push and my guitar for about an hour a day. That helps somewhat. I brush up on scales on a regular basis. That helps a bit, but I think the most important thing is to understand that you can't really approach it on a macro scale. In my (limited) experience you have to learn little pieces of it one by one, and eventually when you have enough small pieces, things will begin to click.

    I think it also pays a lot to focus on ear training. If you're watching a tutorial that talks about a minor third and you don't know what that sounds like, or at least what the interval is, all you're learning is a bunch of stuff that symbolically points to aspects of music, but you gain little to no understanding of the actual music it's supposed to represent.
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    Why don't you check ?
    You can learn everything from there - from the note names to advanced stuff that's only useful for musical analysis or composing abstract pieces useful only for scoring horror movies...
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    Hack Music Theory or 12 Music Theory Hacks by Ray Harmony

    The shortest book which will give you the most essential MT knowledge

    You can pay for it or get it for free if you subscribe to their site
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    what they dont tell you is that Theory is one thing but ultimately you need a good musical ear to progress otherwise you will get stuck doing basic things.
    moving to the next level takes time an dedication, you must train your ear to recognize automatically each note, don't think that your sequencer can replace all this becuase it's not true unless all your songs sound the same and you always use the same notes or chords.

    i agree that lots of Hits are super simple and made of 2-3 notes at all but that's a choice of the composer, not the result of a lack of skills.

    if you refuse to learn the basics this is the best you can achieve :
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